Delicious recipe for gazpacho, a cold soup for hot days

Without a doubt, few meals are as delicious and useful to warm the body on cold days than a nice bowl of soup. Very practical, it can be prepared with various ingredients, from meat to vegetables.

in addition, their practicality still allows the soup can be used in diets to lose weight, but without it lose all its flavor. Unfortunately, for the case of a hot plate, it does not fall so well in the hot seasons. But why be a dish found in several places, and cultures of the world, he obviously has many variants, as is the case of gazpacho.

Very much consumed during the summer, mainly in Portugal, Spain and Mexico; the gazpacho is a cold soup based vegetables. Though it may seem strange at first, the dish can be a good choice since in addition to being a delicious food and nutritious, yet help to better withstand the days of much heat.

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What about learning to make a gazpacho, the tomato-based that in addition to all the benefits of soup, it will still help you stay in shape? Check out a recipe made by a nutritionist, Indianara Coimbra the following:



  • 500 g of automatically em ram ou cereja vermelho;
  • 50 g of cucumber;
  • 50 g of cebola;
  • 50 g of pimenta verde;
  • 100 g of pão seco;
  • 1 dente de alho;
  • Cominho (or years later);
  • 3 colheres (sopa) de azeite;
  • 50 ml de vinagre;
  • 500 ml de água;
  • Sal (or years later);
  • Cheiro verde (a years later).

Prepare and use

Despite the large amount of ingredients, the preparation of the recipe is more simple than to do a soup “normal”. Chop up all the vegetables and the bread, and place them in a container along with the olive oil, vinegar, and water. Season the mixture with salt and cumin and let it marinate for a day within the refrigerator.

Past the time, take the whole mixture and bake in the blender, processor or mixer and beat until everything becomes a broth to thin. After this, strain the liquid and serve in a bowl and garnish with the parsley and, if you prefer, reserve some of the chopped vegetables and the bread before the marinade to let the meal even more beautiful!

Within of the measures of the recipe, gazpacho yields about 5 servings, each one approximately 139 calories.