Delight brazilian: learn how to make a brigadeiro healthy

the Brigadier is one of the specialties from brazilian cuisine, since, in addition to delicious is easy and quick to be done. However, as nothing in the world are just flowers, this recipe is not very indicated for those who are dieting or want to keep the weight off.

This is because, among the ingredients of the recipe are condensed milk, concentrated milk, sugar and other elements that contribute to the weight gain.

So, who want to lose weight you need to cut out the brigadier? Thinking about this question, the consultant on healthy cooking, Juliana Carreiro, has created a version of this delight by substituting the condensed milk for the yams.

in Addition to the more nutritious, the recipe is really tasty and can be used, having in view that the amount of calorie is less.

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How to make brigadeiro healthy?


-4 yams;
-1 spoon (dessert) of butter;
-3 tablespoons (dessert) of chocolate powder, half a bitter;
-1 teaspoon (dessert) sweetener culinary;
-1 spoon (dessert) of honey;
-2 cups (of coffee) of water.

Mode of prepare

Start by cooking the yam and just mash it until it forms a puree. Book the result of this first step and go to the next step. In an aluminum container, place the butter and when it start to melt, add the cocoa powder, followed by a little water and honey. Continue stirring without stopping.

After you dissolve the sweetener in a little water, so that it does not empelote the final product. Add to the mix, with the mashed yam. Finally, add the water and continue stirring until the end point of the brigadier.

there is Not much difference between the brigadier and the traditional that leads condensed milk. The texture are similar, thanks to the yams that facilitates the formation of bubbles. To finish, you can opt for grated coconut, granulated, without milk or sugar or cocoa.