Constipation: learn the recipe to drop the gut

According to data from the Brazilian Federation of Gastroenterology, about 20% of the population suffers with bowel problems trapped.

Many are the causes that can lead to a bowel stuck. Lead a sedentary life, have a diet low in fiber, ignore constantly desire to go to the bathroom and drink little water are some of the reasons that cause the problem.

But, fortunately, there are several healthy food, light and natural, that help to combat constipation.

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Foods that fight the intestines stuck


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One of the fruit most well-known which has the function of releasing the intestine is the papaya. The food is a rich source of fiber, minerals and enzyme called papain, which helps the body digest proteins more accelerated, decreasing the time of storage of the cake fecal matter.


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The plum is another fruit that has a high concentration of fibers. In addition, the food also has an acid that takes its name from diidroxifenil isatina, which helps to stimulate the bowel to work better. She still has sorbitol, a substance that stimulate the body to absorb more water, speeding up the transit of the body.


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The orange is also a strong ally in the fight against constipation. But it is important to consume it with the bagasse, which is where the largest concentration of the fibres in the fruit.

The fitoterapeuta naturopathic André Resende, has developed a natural blend with these ingredients. The drink is a perfect remedy to help you release the bowel.

If even after the intake of this juice the problem persists, seek the help of a professional to evaluate your case in more detail.

Recipe natural to treat constipation


-Half a Papaya;
-4 Prunes;
-1 Spoon (soup) of flour of chia;
-1 Orange chopped (with bagasse);
-1 Cup milk.

Mode of prepare

Take all of the ingredients to the blender and puree all together. Consume 1 cup of the drink early in the morning.