Compresses of cold and warm relieve your toothache! See which to use

Since we are small, we are instructed to practice a series of small tasks that are our responsibility to the rest of your life.

One of these obligations is to always brush your teeth after meals, which can become a problem for many people even after the adult as a routine very race makes people forget easily this kind of habit.

another reason for people to not escovem the teeth with the frequency required is the lack of guidance about the importance of doing this. This type of free not only serves to maintain a good breath but, mainly, to preserve the health of the mouth. Unfortunately, sometimes we only learn the things as something goes bad, how to have a great toothache, for example.

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Although not always a cause and serious consequence, only those who have felt toothache knows how bad it is. Its intensity can range from a mild nuisance to a pain level extreme, verging on the unbearable. In view of this, it is important to know more about this issue, how to avoid it how to relieve your symptoms and treat it.

Causes of toothache

Try to discover the causes of pain coming from a tooth can be a problem, since its causes are not always visible to those who do not understand so well the subject. So the recommended is to go to a dentist so that he can make the diagnosis. The main causes of this disease are:

  • Food stuck in the tooth;
  • Breath;
  • Trauma or fracture dental;
  • the Birth of the wisdom tooth;
  • Inflammation on the gums;
  • Sensitivity.

How to relieve the pain with pads

The most popular and simple to treat any pain with the use of the temperature is by using an ice pack. Place an ice cube in a baggie and plastic wrap with a thin cloth. Apply the cube to the tooth pro about 15 minutes, this will cause the nerves to be anesthetized. Another option is to place the compress on the cheek, in the region next to the aching tooth.

The pain can also be eased with the use of heat. A bag of black tea moist and warm is a great compress for if by in the painful area. Properties astringent, the herb of the tea help reduce the swelling and the pain momentarily.