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manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique very soft used to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid (‘lymph’) – around his body.

Using soft blows in the region where if you want to eliminate toxins and fluid, manual lymphatic drainage works in the connective tissues immediately below the skin (not the deeper muscles, such as massage corrective).

To promote the circulation of the fluids and decongestion of the lymph nodes, manual lymph drainage helps boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

manual lymphatic Drainage before and after can help treat a wide range of health conditions and diseases (see below).

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was pioneered by drs. Emil Vodder and Estrid in France in the early 1930’s for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, digestive problems and other diseases of the immune system.

MLD, as it is commonly called, is a subtle form of massage that works to stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins, excess water and waste from the body.

The lymphatic system of course it depends on peristalsis and the movement of skeletal muscles to squeeze fluid through ducts, lymph nodes and vessels , but sometimes need help due to bed rest, fatigue, and overload the immune system.

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(VIDEO) Lymphatic Drainage – How to make and Price of the Section


There are some conditions that cannot be treated with manual lymphatic drainage step-by-step, and others that require prior consultation with your doctor or professional.

please, indicate any specific medical conditions to us when you are making your drain can be assured of manual lymphatic drainage will be suitable for you.

Benefits drainage linfatica manual


  • manual lymphatic Drainage is useful for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions * injuries and diseases, including:
  • the

  • Arthritis (even during flare ups)
  • the

  • breast surgery (segmental mastectómica simple or total)
  • the

  • chronic fatigue Syndrome
  • the

  • Conditions skin (for example eczema, psoriasis)
  • the

  • retention net
  • the

  • general Fatigue
  • the

  • headaches or migraines
  • the

  • Poor immunity
  • the

  • Pain and musculoskeletal conditions
  • the

  • Edema (for example, lymphoedema, oedema / swelling during pregnancy)
  • the

  • polycystic ovary Syndrome
  • the

  • Pre-surgery (to smooth and relax the tissues to be operated)
  • the

  • Post-surgery (to reduce the healing time and the formation of scar tissue, and reduce the chance of infection)
  • the

  • Sinusitis
  • the

  • sports injuries (for example, bruises, sprains and even fractures (in acute phase), where massage is corrective is not given)
  • the

  • weight gain

what you can do Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The primary outcome of manual lymphatic drainage is an increase in lymphatic flow, which can reduce swelling and edema.

A manual of the whole body treatment lymphatic drainage may increase the flow of lymph through the heart of two litres per day to over 25 litres per day!

Depending on the condition you are seeking treatment for, other benefits generally include:


  • relaxes the body, mind, and spirit;
  • the

  • Promotes the drainage of toxins;
  • the

  • Reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • the

  • Firms the cheeks, and lines of the jaw;
  • the

  • to Reduce the scar tissue

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be effective in:


  • Reduce the symptoms of the problems nasal rhinitis, sinusitis and allergies;
  • the

  • to Promote the healing of liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery;
  • the

  • Reduction of blood pressure;
  • the

  • to Promote the recovery of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lymphatic Drainage and its Benefits

The lymphatic drainage massage which aims to drain the tissues when the lymphatic system is, for some reason, the appointment.

Mainly used in situations post-surgical pathologies tumor, the lymphatic drainage, can also be used to overcome the problems of cellulite and not swelling properly source the lymphatic.

When the lymphatic system is changed: The lymphedema

in addition To the circulatory system, made up of blood vessels and veins in the human body also has a lymphatic system.

from The point of view of the anatomical circulation and venous and lymph are closely linked;

The exchanges of water and nutrients, with the various fabrics interstitials are carried out by means of vascular structures (arteries, veins, and capillaries of the network), while the lymphatic network performs a function of drain from the same tissue interstitial.

A change of the venous system-the lymphatic may give rise to the so-called “edema”, whose genesis may depend on an increase of fluid in the tissue interstitial or a impaired lymphatic drainage of the same tissue.

falls in the category of edema lymphedema primary congenital (present since birth), premature (of genetic origin, but occurring as a result of trauma blunt, insect bites, allergic reactions);

they Are part of the lymphedema edema secondary tract from obstruction of lymphatic (for example, neoformações benign or malignant, metastasis, infections by Streptococcus).

By rupture of lymph vessels (for example, as a result of surgery, without cutting or sprains , after the treatments of radiation therapy).

In the wake of a mastectomy and the consequent removal of lymph nodes, for example, may appear swelling in a more or less marked of the arm.

then, the stagnation of lymph that tries to act through the lymphatic drainage.

manual lymphatic Drainage: The effect of draining

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a method with multiple effects, although the antiedematous the most important in clinical practice.

The effect of anti-edema is achieved either through the reabsorption of fluid stagnant and protein component in the opening, that an increase of the transport speed and the exhaust gases of the lymph to the bloodstream.

This effect is expressed through a series of changes of the own lymphatic system and, in particular, through the activation of lymphangions;

A development of the side streets;

an opening of anastomoses linfo-lymphatic (between lymph vessels) and lymph-venous (between lymphatic and blood capillaries), which are usually ipofunzionanti or silent.

its use in The domain cosmetic

The goal of lymphatic drainage benefits is to look for ways of drainage of the alternatives lymphatic to those which have been dropped after the removal of the lymph nodes.

In fact, the main field of application of lymphatic drainage while the aesthetic medicine uses it to solve problems of cellulite and stasis is not really lymphatic.

THE DLM is used not only as a therapy in venous diseases and lymphatic, as after a mastectomy, but it is a valuable support in the field of beauty in the treatment of cellulite (edematous paniculopatia fibrosclerótica).

There are many useful effects in the treatment of MLD and the treatment of cellulite, the most important, as has already been mentioned, is that the antibodies anti-edema.

In fact, through this technique of therapeutic massage that we are seeing an improvement in the microcirculation of the superficial with the acceleration of the flow of lymph-venous.

This involves a greater flow through the lymphatic pathways stimulated with reduction of the edema, and then the retention of water.

The improvement of microcirculation also leads to an increase in the oxygenation of tissues and improved removal of products catabolic.

it Should be noted that this method should be understood as a complement to the treatment in the treatment of cellulite, if necessary, but, by itself, is not enough to counter this imperfection.


The manual MLD differ from other techniques of therapeutic massage type, pressure, and pace.

The manual is not developed through a massage, but a movement of traction and thrust, this is not to create redness and excessive skin, resulting in increased vasodilation and over-circulation of blood and, therefore, greater development of edema.

All series of maneuvers should comply with a sequence and direction have, in particular, to proceed first with a drain of the main stations of lymph nodes, and then continue with the treatment in the peripheral areas, in the direction from proximal to distal.

The pressure must be according to the value of the pressure existing within the lymphatic vessel, and should not exceed 30-40 mm Hg of mercury, because the lymphatic network as you are going to act is superficial.

The pace should be slow and rhythmic, this, in order to respect the normal rhythm of contraction of the lymph vessels, which, unlike blood, is much slower.

An important aid in the strengthening of the drainage of fluid (lymph) is given by the packing of an elastic bandage to be held immediately after the session of manual lymphatic drainage, this method is a greater indication on edema large.

In lymphedema therapy elastic band (mid cuff) continues to be the most effective way (but not replacement) to maintain and improve the results obtained with the DLM, or by other methods of therapy pressure.

The treatment prescription DLM is expertise medical specialist such as many forms of edema can be a symptom of disease secondary, except for the treatments of body aesthetics.

The frequency of sessions varies according to the specific situation (two to three sessions per week).

it Should be noted that in the more serious forms of treatment in lymphedema to have a daily rate during 15-20 days, including bandages after the session. Are cycles two times recommended 10 treatments per year to monitor the progression of edema”.

The course of human

have You attended five years ago a course according to the technique of lymphatic drainage Vodder, taught by physicians teaching these methods accredited.

The course is for physical therapists and nurses, which takes place over five sessions, with a duration of 17 hours each.

During the multiple sessions of a part is dedicated to theoretical aspects and a part of the practical aspects with treatment sessions that the students play with each other and the patients.

The directions of MLD are numerous and it is proposed for your action anti-edema, (the manipulations specific to the DLM are particularly effective for the treatment of lymphatic edema), analgesic effect (pain sedative), the effect on the muscle fibers are smooth.

In the striated muscle fibers of the DLM has a relaxing effect when these muscles are tense and hipertônicos;

The fibers smooth muscle type (muscle, visceral) improves and enables its automation;

Activates the defensive response of the immune system through lymphatic drainage, improve the response of the immune defence of the treated areas.

The practice of the DLM should not produce redness of the skin, the expression of a greater supply of blood, and a higher intake of liquid to a tissue.

on the contrary, through the DLM, we favour the reabsorption of excess fluid.

You should never cause pain during the drainage, since in this case the lymph vessels stop working for a collapse which by reflection.

The manipulations of the pace is quite slow, unlike manual massage, traditional, and hands of the operator should work with a good adherence to the skin levels.

Without the aid of any product (oils or creams) to promote the activation of the lymph and transport of waste and fluids are stagnant.

The pressures of manipulations of lymphatic drainage are carried out tangentially to the surface of the skin and are usually of 30 to 40 Torr (fundamental unit of pressure).

That are more weak and delicate than those used in the manual massage traditional, which are approximately 70 to 80 Torr.

For each phase of the pressure-feeding should follow a phase of relaxation, very important step, because the act of fluid and lymph interstitial as a mass of liquid which moves slowly.

To obtain a good drainage, it is necessary to perform manipulations and long lens, while respecting the pause periods for the phase of relaxation and filling of the lymphatic vessels.

THE DLM is an effective technique to prevent and reduce the appearance unpleasant to the cellulite orange peel.

Normally, it is suggested, to undergo a cycle of sessions frequent (2-3 weeks) and maintenance therapy (2-4 sessions per month), depending on the importance of imperfection.

In the treatment of diseases, the prescription must be specific and customized.

in These cases, the frequency will be prescribed by the doctor and is many times prescribed, every day.

UPDATED: 31.05.17



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