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Come incollare un puzzle

Do the puzzle is a real passion that requires a lot of patience and dedication, rewarded by the final result; a masterpiece!

After so much effort, and in front of so much beauty to disassemble everything and put it back in the box it seems almost a sacrilege. Let’s make a picture rather.

once you have finished, being careful not to ruin it, hand out a sheet of parchment paper underneath the puzzle. The paper must be in excess of the edges of the puzzle because not only serves to protect the surface on which it is resting your masterpiece, but also to prevent this from sticking to it.

” paste a puzzle that there are glues specific that does not alter the surface of the drawing, on the contrary, enrich and protect leaving a slight sheen gloss on it.

can be found in stores that serve the academies and universities of fine arts, but also of those of the hobby, and diy.

If in the package, glue is not included a spatula, get your one or alternatively, a brush or a sponge to spread the glue.

Proceed by pouring a small amount of glue at a time, and roll from the center to the l’outside. It is important to create a uniform layer and do not drop an excess of product on the edges because they could swell.

once you have covered the surface thoroughly clean, helping with the spatula or the sponge, the outer perimeter of the puzzle. Let it dry according to the time prescribed by the glue. If you’re not sure, best to wait a few more hours that in the least. The glue must be dry well is importatissimo.

After you have pasted the upper panel it is useful to reinforce it by pasting the back. Carefully turn the puzzle with all the greaseproof paper and making sure that it happens on another sheet of parchment paper clean. Proceed now gently peel off the first sheet. You have done this you just need to proceed to apply the glue, the same goes very well, using the same method and the same precautions as before. Once dry, this layer, your puzzle will be much more solid, but be careful, absolutely can not be hung as well. Shall be placed or glued to a support and framed, only then you can be hung.

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