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come curare la tinea

tinea, is a’fungal infection of the skin that is quite common and contagious. And the ‘caused by fungi that live on the top layer of the skin which feed on the keratin and thrive in hot and humid areas. L’infection causes patchy round scaly with a dark edge in the shape of a ring. The condition may also be accompanied by redness, itching and inflammation and can also affect the scalp and nails. We will then how to cure tinea:

the tienea generally is treated with antifungal drugs, taken orally, and local, but we can also help with home remedies. L’garlic for example has excellent properties, antifungal properties that help cure ringworm. Crush two cloves of d’garlic and rub it on the rash several times a day. Do this for four to five days or until the condition improves. L’ neem oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial that help in the treatment of various infections of the skin. Then, apply l’neem oil on the affected area once a day for a couple of days until l’infection disappears. It is also possible to apply a half-teaspoon of neem oil mixed with a cup of aloe vera gel. L’ apple cider vinegar is excellent to treat skin infections such as tinea, thanks to its antimicrobial properties and astringent. Dip a cotton swab in the’ vinegar of apples and apply it on the affected area. Do this two or three times a day for a couple of days or until you see improvement. L’ tea tree oil is another homemade remedy that is widely used for the tinea, thanks to the high quality of its antifungal and antiseptic properties . Put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area. Do this two or three times a day for one week. Licorice has several antifungal compounds that help to get rid of fungal infections. Boil a cup of water mixed with five or six teaspoons of powdered licorice root. Cook for 20 minutes. Drain and cool the solution. Dip a cotton ball in the liquid and dab it on the affected area.Do this three times a day until you see an improvement.


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