Chia Slims Down Even? Find out the Truth

chia Seeds are acclaimed by many people for its nutritional benefits, and weight loss. For those who want to use chia to lose weight, it is important to know that the main advantage that can supposedly help you lose weight is its large amount of fiber.

The fibre should help reduce the hunger by increasing the feeling of satiety (it creates more bulk in your stomach, especially after absorbing water). In addition, chia seeds also contain healthy fats (omega-3). In addition, they do not contain sugar, which sounds like another good thing to add to your arsenal of weight loss.

Considerations Calorie

Any person alleging that the seed of the chia slims, can’t forget to mention that they still contain calories. Even so, there are probably other reasons that are worth using it in addition to help you lose weight. In regards to calories, no matter if they come in the form of sugars, healthy fats, or fats are not healthy, if you eat too much, the chia seeds just help you gain weight. But if you eat the right way (such as putting on a tea fat reducing), the chia slims.

While the nutritional profile of chia seeds is better than most modern foods (which would justify to use chia to lose weight), they are still a food calorie. Calories do not know where they come from or when there are many of them, they will end accumulated as fat in most people. Although chia seeds can be a great alternative to other types of fats (like the fat in the fries or the cheeseburger), you simply add chia seeds to your diet probably will only make things worse (at least for weight loss).


As has been said, is the large amount of fiber in chia seeds which causes people to claim that the chia slims down, however, by more that the fibres really help to increase the feeling of satiety, they are certainly not the only ones that can do this. Another thing that you can do a much better job is the volume.

Let’s see some examples of equivalent calories of 100 grams of chia seeds. 100 grams of chia seeds contain 486 calories. However, the 1.6 pounds of watermelon, or 4 pounds of cucumber also contain 486 calories. You really is able to eat 4 kilos of cucumber? Surely not, but whatever you can eat can offer a feeling of satiety much better than all the fiber that may be contained in 100 grams of chia seeds. No amount of allegations about the feeling of satiety induced by the fibers can be greater than volume can do for you.


Maybe you don’t like cucumber or even watermelon, but as the chia seeds also do not have very much flavor you can think of other alternatives less caloric and more flavorful. Of course, you can put the chia seeds in a vitamin and pretend that they have a better flavor as well, but that alone they have almost no flavor, they are not adding anything to the vitamin (except maybe a bit of texture).

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Taste is one of the important factors in weight loss. If the things you “can” eat on your journey of weight loss have a bad taste (or taste any, as the chia seeds), this can only hinder your journey, or make it impossible. In that refers to eat chia seeds to lose weight, there is a benefit from adding a food highly caloric and without flavor to your diet, especially since there are better options available.

case Study: The Chia Slims the same?

In theory, the chia seeds expand in your stomach, helping you feel full, eat less, and ultimately lose weight. But a study indicates otherwise.

“In a period of 12 weeks, we have not seen a change in appetite or weight loss” in study participants who consumed chia seeds, says researcher David Nieman, Phd in Public Health and a professor at the State University Appalachian in North Carolina. “Our study showed no reduction of weight, or fat, or improvement in markers of cardiovascular traditional with 50 grams of chia per day.”

A study reviewing the scientific evidence on chia found similar results.

“The evidence about the chia are limited, and only two clinical trials examined heart health and weight,” explains researcher Catherine Ulbricht, Phd in Pharmacy. “One showed some beneficial effects to the heart, but none showed any effect on weight loss.”

More studies are needed before chia can be recommended for weight loss or heart health, says Ulbricht, chief editor of Natural Standard Research Collaboration.