Tea from the bark of the acapú is an effective anti-inflammatory

The acapú is a tropical tree of the amazon that have their wood used in alternative medicine. She is also known for cumandá or acapurana. The tea made from the bark of the plant can bring several benefits and cures for the body.

The wood of the plant is very tight in the industry of civil construction and furniture ornamental, due to its consistency and durability, in addition to having a beautiful color, characterized by a pigmentation brown-reddish-dark, and also by its texture.

Benefits and properties of Acapú

photo: Pixabay

But it is not only for the industry that the wood of the acapú serves. The tea of the plant is made from the decoction of the bark of your wood. The drink is excellent to treat inflammatory problems, it is healing and strengthening neuromuscular.

The decoction of the plant is indicated to treat problems such as diarrhoea, ulcer, and chronic infections, especially those in the uterus and ovary.

Some of the inhabitants of the Amazon often use the decoction of the bark of Old also to treat fevers, especially those that are related to malaria.

Already in Peru, it is recommended by physiotherapists to treat pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis. The peruvians also use it as a kind of tonic for women who are post-partum.

And the indians Witoto, Colombia, use the bark of the plant to treat wounds.