Caution! Clean the ear with cotton bud can lead to deafness

One of the things most common to our practices of personal hygiene is to use the cotton swab to clean the dirt from the ear. But did you know that this habit can end up generating serious hearing damage, and may even lead to deafness.

we often use a cotton swab, a hair clip, and keys to scratch the ear. This is another practice that should also be abolished. For to place small objects within the body may end up sticking the timpani and moving the bones hearing.

According to the expert, Seth Schwartz, president of the academy u.s. Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, the wax is something healthy and natural and the most suitable would be to let it do its job, which is to keep our ears protected, lubricated and clean.

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Thanks to the wax produced, agent external dirt, dust and even insects are not able to advance to the auditory canal. The only wax that should be removed and washed at bath time is one in excess, which is usually pushed to the outside due to the movements of the jaw and the growth of the skin to the inside of the channel.

Is something “cultural” want to clean the very inside of the ear. But clean the wax that is external of the ear is enough. “it is Not a bad thing to have wax, the whole world has. But it is a problem when there are a lot. If you have symptoms such as pain, drainage, bleeding or loss of hearing, then you have a problem. Look for a doctor”, he told Schwartz, in an interview published by CNN Spanish.

“For those with a hearing impairment, use cotton swabs or swabs of cotton can push the wax deeper in the ear canal and damage the eardrum. Cerca, 2% of adults with a wax compressed go to the doctor with hearing loss as a symptom”, said the director of the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders James Battey, in an interview for the portal.