Hair mask on the basis of passion restores and softens the wicks

passion fruit is a fruit that can bring benefits that go beyond your health. The food rich in vitamin A, C and B complex, which also features strong doses of calcium, iron, phosphorus and sodium you can be all that your hair was in need to stay soft and hydrated.

The famous soothing natural has astringent, nutrient, and protectors. When the passion fruit is applied on the hair, the hair become more controlled, restored, hydrated with less oil, free of caspas and with the controlled volume.

get to Know the recipe of the fitoterapeuta naturopath, André Resende, made from the oil of the seed of passion fruit. The product is ideal for treating damaged hair, dry and chemically treated.

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The recipe calls for other ingredients in addition to the passion fruit, that are already known as natural products are excellent for helping to treat the hair, as the honey and the coconut oil.

Recipe natural for dry, damaged hair


  • 500 g cream passion fruit capillary;
  • 500 g of fresh extra virgin coconut oil;
  • 500 g cream bamboo shoot;
  • 30 ml seed oil passion fruit;
  • 300 g of honey.

Mode of prepare

Mix all ingredients and apply on the hairs that do not necessarily need to be clean. Let the product act for about 40 minutes and then rinse well. Look for repeat the process every 15 days. If your hair is very damaged, perform the procedure 1 time per week.