The package insert of the medicine Simeco Plus

the package insert of the medicine Simeco Plus.

what For?

As an antacid, in cases of hiperacidez gastric; peptic ulcer disease; esophagitis; gastritis; duodenite; hiatal hernia.


When should I not use?

The use of antacids containing aluminum (except those containing phosphate of aluminum) is contraindicated for patients with hipofosfatemia, due to the property of the salts of aluminum to connect, to phosphate, depletando-o. The use of antacids containing magnesium is contraindicated for patients with severe renal insufficiency, due to the increased risk of the occurrence of hipermagnesemia.


How to use?

a Half or a cup-measure (5 ml or 10 ml) for 1 and 3 hours after meals and at bedtime, for a total of 7 daily doses. Other schemes appropriate to each case can be established at the physician’s discretion. It is not recommended to exceed these doses daily, or keep for more than 14 days maximum dose (1 cup-measure-10 ml-7 times a day), except under medical supervision.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Eventually, small changes in intestinal transit may occur, which will disappear with the simple interruption of the treatment.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

The use of antacids containing magnesium in patients with renal insufficiency mild to moderate should only be made when strictly necessary and under careful medical supervision, due to the increased risk of the occurrence of hipermagnesemia in these patients. Prolonged use of high doses of antacids containing aluminum (except phosphate of aluminum), in patients with a diet deficient in phosphates, can lead to hipofosfatemia. Patients with chronic renal failure may present hiperaluminemia. Laboratory tests: serum levels of phosphate should be monitored at monthly intervals or bimonthly in patients chronically undergoing hemodialysis who are receiving treatment with antacids for prolonged periods. Use during pregnancy: the use of antacids during pregnancy should only be performed under medical guidance. Simeco Plus is not recommended for children. – Drug interactions: the absorption of some medicines may be affected by concomitant ingestion of antacids. Consequently, whenever possible, one should avoid the administration of other drugs during one to two hours after the use of antacids. Cite the tetracyclines.