Bula do remedy Seretide Diskus

the package insert of the medicine Seretide Diskus. Therapeutic class of Bronchodilators andCorticosteroids. Active principles Fluticasone Propionate and Xinafoato de Salmeterol.

what For?

Is indicated in the treatment of asthma (disease obstructive reversible respiratory tract), and in the maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Use for adults and children from 4 years of age – Use inhaled


How it works?

Seretide Diskus acts, the diseases of the bronchial tubes, such as dilator, long-lasting and as anti-inflammatory.

Its effects can last for approximately 12 hours.


How to use?


  • Asthma

Adults and adolescents from 12 years

A dose of Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/100 mcg, Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/250 mcg or Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/500 mcg two times a day.

Children from 4 years

A dose of Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/100 mcg two times a day.

there is No data available about the use of Seretide in children aged under 4 years.


  • chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease (COPD)

For adult patients, the maximum recommended dose is one inhalation of Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/250 mcg or Seretide Diskus 50 mcg/500 mcg two times a day.

there is No need of dose adjustment for elderly patients or for those who have renal or hepatic dysfunction.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

listed below Are all the side effects associated with the individual components, xinafoato de salmeterol and fluticasone propionate.

Data from clinical studies:


  • side Effect very common: headache.
  • the

  • common side Effects: thrush in the mouth and in the throat (an infection caused by fungi); pneumonia (in COPD patients); dysphonia (hoarseness); muscle cramps; arthralgia (joint pain).
  • the

  • unusual side Effects: allergic skin reactions; dyspnea (shortness of breath); cataract (eye injury that makes it opaque the crystalline); hyperglycemia (high blood glucose level); anxiety; sleep disturbances; tremors; palpitations; tachycardia (increased beating of the heart); atrial fibrillation (alteration in heart rhythm); irritation in the throat; bruises.
  • the

  • side Effects rare: anaphylactic reactions (allergic reaction, systemic); glaucoma (intraocular pressure high); behavior changes, including hyperactivity and irritability (predominantly in children); cardiac arrhythmias, including supraventricular tachycardia and extra-systolic;

Data post-marketing

side Effects rare: hypersensitivity reactions that manifested as angioedema (mainly facial swelling and oropharyngeal), and bronchospasm (narrowing of the light of the brônquio lung); possible systemic effects including Cushing’s syndrome, and the characteristics of this suppression adrenal growth retardation in children and adolescents, decreased bone mineral density; bronchospasm paradoxical.


When should I not use?

The use of Seretide Diskus is contraindicated for patients with known allergy to any component of the formula.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, talk with your doctor before you use Seretide Diskus.


  • You are pregnant or there are chances of getting pregnant soon?
  • the

  • are You breastfeeding?
  • the

  • have told you that you have an allergy to Seretide Diskus, when xinafoato de salmeterol or fluticasone propionate?
  • the

  • have told you that you have an allergy to lactose or milk?
  • the

  • have You ever had thrush in the mouth?
  • the

  • You receive or have ever received treatment for tuberculosis?
  • the

  • You are taking treatment for any disease of the thyroid?
  • the

  • You are taking treatment for high blood pressure or any heart problems?
  • the

  • You are taking a medicine called ketoconazole, used to treat infections caused by fungus?

Seretide Diskus in pregnancy: this medication should not be used by pregnant women without medical or dental surgeon.

there is Currently no data available that suggest the influence of Seretide Diskus on the ability to drive vehicles or operate machinery.

Seretide Diskus should only be administered by inhalation.

do Not use this medicine to treat a sudden attack of shortness of breath, because it will not help you. You will need a different type of medicine, which should not be confused with Seretide Diskus.

it Is recommended that you always have at hand your medicine rescue fast action.

it Is very important to use Seretide Diskus regularly. Do not stop treatment even if you are better, unless your doctor recommends them.

do Not change the dose of your medicine unless the doctor recommends them.

If you feel shortness of breath, become breathless or your breathing is more hectic than normal, call your doctor.

Seretide Diskus contains xinafoato de salmeterol and fluticasone propionate, included in the list of prohibited substances in the practice of sports to the World anti-Doping Agency.

This medicine may cause doping.

Drug Interactions

In some cases, you may not be given the use of Seretide Diskus with other medications (such as some used for the treatment of AIDS).

You should not take Seretide Diskus if you are using a medicine called ritonavirsem before you consult your doctor.

Not sure to warn your doctor about the other medicines you are taking, including those you have purchased for their own account.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

If you accidentally take a dose higher than the recommended Seretide Diskus, your heart may beat faster than normal and you might feel weakness.

Other possible symptoms are headache, muscle weakness, and pain in the joints.

there is Not a specific treatment for a superdose of Seretide Diskus.

Inform your doctor as soon as possible, if you accidentally take a larger dose than the amount indicated for your case.

what should I do when I forget to use this medicine?

If you forget a dose, just take the next dose on time due.