Bula do remedy Roferon to

the package insert of the medicine Roferon a. Therapeutic class of the Systemic Antibiotics. Active principlesInterferon. Sale under medical prescription.

what For?

Roferon A is indicated in the treatment of tricoleucemia (cell leukemia hair or reticuloendoteliose leukemic), and kaposi’s sarcoma related to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).


How it works?

serum concentrations of interferon alpha-2a “Roche” showed a great individual variation, both in healthy volunteers as in patients with cancer spread.

In men, healthy, interferon alpha-2a “Roche” exhibited a half-life of elimination of 3.7 to 8.5 hours (mean 5.1 hours), volume of distribution at steady state of 0,223 the 0,748 liters/kg (mean 0,400 liters/kg), and a debug full-body 2.14 the 3,62 ml/min/kg (mean of 2.79 ml/min/kg) after intravenous infusion of 36
million IU (2.2 x 108 pg). After intramuscular administration, and subcutaneous of 36 million IU, the
serum maximum ranged from 1500 to 2580 pg/ml (mean 2020 pg/ml) with average time to reach the maximum concentration of 3.8 hours and 1250 to 2320 pg/ml (mean 1730 pg/ml) with average time to reach the maximum concentration of 7.3 hours, respectively. The fraction of the apparent dose absorbed after intramuscular injection was greater than 80%.

The pharmacokinetics of interferon alfa-2a after intramuscular doses only in patients with cancer
spread was similar to that found in healthy volunteers. Elevations in serum proportional to the dose were observed after single doses up to 198 million IU. There were no changes in the distribution or elimination of interferon alfa-2a with schemes posológicos two times daily (0.5 to 36 million IU), once daily (1 to 54 million IU), or three times weekly (1 to 136 million IU) for up to 28 days of administration. However, the administration of interferon alfa-2a in a single dose for several days or several times in a day resulted in serum 2 to 4 times larger than with a single dose.

The pharmacokinetics of interferon alfa-2a “Roche” in patients with kaposi’s sarcoma or malignant melanoma was consistent with that of other patients with cancer spread and healthy volunteers.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

the following data on adverse reactions are based on information from the treatment of 63 patients with tricoleucemia (cell leukemia hair or reticuloendoteliose leukemic), using Roferon as A single agent in the treatment. Roferon A has been studied for the treatment of several other types of neoplasms.

in These studies, most patients received doses that were significantly higher than those currently recommended and this probably explains the greater frequency and severity of adverse reactions.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

Overdosage has not been reported in man. Patients who experience severe reactions with Roferon To usually recover a few days after the discontinuation of therapy, under appropriate assistance. Coma was observed in 0.4% of patients with cancer in several clinical trials.