Bula do remedy Repatha

the package insert of the medicine Repatha. Therapeutic class of Inhibitors PCSK9. Active principlesEvolocumab.

what For?

Repatha is indicated for the supplementary treatment of high cholesterol in adults with hypercholesterolemia primary or patients with dyslipidemia, mixed.


How to use?

it Is a medicine for use in injectable, must be administered in the form of an injection under the skin, 2 in 2 weeks, or month-to-month, always as was stated skin your doctor.

The recommended doses and duration of treatment with Repatha shall be indicated by your doctor, since they depend on the severity of the disease and the individual response of each patient to treatment.

The treatment with Repatha is usually done together with other medicines to complete the treatment.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Some of the side effects of Repatha may include allergy reactions in the skin with symptoms such as hives, redness or severe itching of the skin, swelling of the face or difficulty breathing, runny nose, sore throat, symptoms of cold or flu, back pain, and redness, pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site.


When should I not use?

Repatha is contraindicated for patients with allergy to Evolocumab or any of the components of the formula.


How it works?

Repatha has in its composition of Evolocumab, a monoclonal immunoglobulin able to bind to the protein PCSK9, preventing in this way that this connects to the receptors LDL.

So, Repatha increases the number of receptors for LDL cholesterol available in the blood, thereby helping to eliminate excess LDL circulating in the blood, which leads to a reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Before you use, you should talk with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, have a history of diseases or problems in the heart such as heart attacks or stroke, a history of allergies to rubber and latex, or if you are taking other medicines, including medicines without prescription.

The treatment should never be stopped without the knowledge of your doctor and the schedules, doses and duration of treatment should be strictly respected.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

In the case of taking excessive, you should go to the nearest hospital, taking the packaging or package insert for the drug.