Bula do remedy Rehidrat 50

the package insert of the medicine Rehidrat 50. Therapeutic class of Eletrolitos. Active principles Glucose,Potassium Chloride, Minerals Used for Moisturizing and Sodium Citrate.

what For?

Exclusively for the prevention of dehydration and maintenance of hydration after the phase of rehydration in cases of diarrheal disease acute.


When should I not use?

Ileus paralytic, obstruction, or perforation of the bowel and vomiting incoercíveis. Drug interactions or food: Rehidrat 50 does not interact with food and can maintain a regular diet during its use. Were not described interactions with other drugs. However, changes hidroeletrolíticas, especially when accompanied by acidosis or alcalose, can change the pharmacological action of some drugs.


How to use?

Rehidrat 50 must be administered frequently to the patient, alternated with other liquids (milk, juice, tea, water, soups). We recommend the additional administration of the product with each liquid stool. Rehidrat 50 should be administered, after dilution, orally, by spoon, cup or bottle depending on the age of the patient. Mode of use: dissolve the contents of the envelope in 250 ml of water, if possible, previously filtered and/or boiled and cooled down. After preparation, keep the solution in a capped container, in a cool place, preferably in refrigerator. This solution can be used for 24 hours. After this period, skipping the remainder of the solution and, if necessary, prepare new solution. Overdosage: clinical presentation: hypernatremia and except in cases of hyperkalemia mild are usually asymptomatic. Hypernatremia severe may manifest itself by high fever, thirst, oliguria acute neurological condition with alteration of consciousness, lethargy, coma, irritability, hyper-reflexia, neck stiffness and convulsions; except in cases of hyperkalemia severe can cause weakness and muscle paralysis, cardiac arrhythmias, bankruptcy, circulatory and cardiac arrest. Treatment: occurring overdose, the treatment will depend on the severity of the frame. After dosing of the electrolytes, the normal levels should be corrected with replacement hidroeletrolítica balanced, with the aid of a diluted solution of glucose. In renal failure, the electrolytes are easily dialisáveis.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

oral Solutions containing potassium should be used with caution if kidney function is impaired. There diuresis appropriate in the first hours of rehydration, hardly will occur in an overdose, because the kidneys excrete excess electrolytes. The situation in which there is the greatest risk of an overdose is the preparation incorrect, with less water than recommended. In this case can occur, as most serious consequences of an overdose, hypernatremia, and/or except in cases of hyperkalemia. – Warnings: you should carefully follow the instructions for preparation contained in the package of Rehidrat 50, using the recommended quantities of water and, whenever possible, the water previously boiled. After the opening of the bottle or preparation of the solution, which is not consumed in 24 hours must be despised. The acute administration of sodium salts, in quantities above the capacity of renal excretion, produces an increase of the osmolarity, mainly extracellular.