The package insert of the medicine Regaine

the package insert of the medicine Regaine. Active principles Minoxidil.

what For?

it Is indicated in the treatment of androgenic alopecia in adults.

If your degree of baldness is greater than the presented in the figures of the external packaging of the product, you should not use.

adult Use – outdoor Use


How it works?

Are required at a minimum of 4 months of applying Regaine 2% twice a day, so that if you roll the hair growth is expected.

The time required to achieve the best results varies according to the case of each patient.

The amount of hair that will grow back varies from person to person.


How to use?

Apply the total dose of 1 mL Regaine 2% on the scalp on the bald area and the surrounding areas, 2 times a day, starting the application in the center of the affected area.

The method of application varies according to the type of applicator, as indicated below.

After the application , wash your hands thoroughly.

dose, the daily total should not be greater than 2 mL or 2 applications daily (1 mL morning and 1 mL at night).

If you suspend the application , the birth of hair new will be stopped.

Occurs then the effect is reversible and, within 3 to 4 months without treatment, you can return to the aspect previous to the beginning of the treatment.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Look for a doctor if the redness and/or irritation of the scalp persists or the emergence of reactions to unpleasant.

The extensive use presented no evidence that the minoxidil to be absorbed enough to cause systemic effects (throughout the body).

A higher absorption due to the abuse or to individual differences or unusual sensitivity could lead to a systemic effect, that is, the occurrence of adverse effects such as: palpitations, appearance of pain in the chest type of angina (pain tightness), weakness or dizziness, weight gain unexpected and for no apparent reason, the sweat of the hands and feet and swelling.

Although these effects have not been associated with the use of Regaine 2%, treatment should be discontinued and a doctor sought.

The events already reported with Regaine 2% include: unwanted growth of hair outside the scalp (even in the face of women), allergic reaction, local itching, dry skin / flaking of the scalp and increase hair loss.

This temporary increase in hair loss usually occurs 2 to 6 weeks after the beginning of treatment and decreases within a few weeks. If it persists for more than 2 weeks, you should discontinue using Regaine 2%.

Although very rare, were also observed inflammation allergic of the skin, inflammation of the follicle (the place where is born the hair or the hair), and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.


When should I not use?

do Not use Regaine 2% if you have allergic reaction to any component of the formula.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Use this product only in the recommended dose.

Before using Regaine 2%, check whether your scalp is normal and healthy.

do Not use Regaine 2% if your skin or scalp is inflamed, red, irritated, or sore, or under conditions such as sunburn or dermatitis.

Regaine 2% is not recommended in cases of sudden loss or fragmented hair in cases of baldness complete or complete loss of hair on the entire body and in cases where the hair loss is due to the use of any medicine, disabilities, dietary, chemotherapy, illness, or situations that cause damage to the scalp.

Regaine 2% should not be used in the absence of a family history of hair loss or if the reason for hair loss is unknown.

Consult a physician before using this product if you are not sure about what is causing the loss of your hair or if you are a person with heart disease.

In some people occurred changes in the color and/or texture of the hair.

This medicine is exclusive for external use.

If ingestion occurs accidentally, a doctor should be immediately notified.

Regaine 2% contains an alcohol based which can cause stinging, burning and irritation in the eyes.

Therefore, avoid contact with skin and eyes irritated. In the case of accidental contact with eyes, damaged skin and mucous membranes, wash the affected area with large amount of cold water.

If irritation occurs, consult a physician.

you should Not inhale the spray.

Regaine 2% is a flammable product.

do Not apply the product while smoking or in the presence of incandescent sources (very hot). Take care particularly when using the spray.

it Can occur growth of facial hair in some women.

Regaine 2% in pregnancy and lactation: should not be used during pregnancy and or during breastfeeding before consulting a doctor.

it Is recommended that breastfeeding be discontinued during the use of Regaine 2%.

there is No evidence that Regaine 2% can affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.

were Not conducted controlled studies in patients under the age of 18 years and over 65 years of age.

it is Not necessary to wash the hair before using Regaine 2%.

However, if the hairs are to be washed before the application, you should not use shampoo with silicone; use a gentle shampoo before applying the product.

Apply Regaine 2% only when the hair and scalp are perfectly dry.

Wait at least 4 hours after applying Regaine 2% to wash the hair again.

The use of hair dryer, gels, creams, or sprays to the hair does not decrease the effect of Regaine 2%.

The use of dyes or permanent does not interfere with the action of Regaine 2%, but in order to avoid any local irritation, make sure that you do not have minoxidil on the scalp before you apply any chemical. For best results, do not apply.

Regaine 2% on the same day that you used these chemicals

Drug Interactions

do Not use Regaine 2% in combination with other medicines for local use, such as, for example, tretinoin and ditranol, since in that case the absorption of minoxidil can be enhanced.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

there are No known cases of superdose resulting from the administration of topical Regaine 2%.

The accidental ingestion of Regaine 2% can produce systemic effects related to the vasodilating action (dilation of the blood vessels) of the drug.

The signs and symptoms caused by the superdose are natural, cardiovascular, associated with the retention of fluids, drop in blood pressure and tachycardia (increased heart rate).

If you encounter these symptoms, consult a physician to receive proper treatment.

what should I do when I forget to use this medicine?

If you forget to use Regaine 2% in the established time, use it as soon as you remember.

However, if you are already close to the time to use the next dose, skip the missed dose and use the next, continuing typically the schema of doses.

do Not use the medicine in twice to compensate doses forgotten.

The forgotten dose may compromise the effectiveness of the treatment.