The package insert of the medicine Eutonis 1 mg

the package insert of the medicine Eutonis 1 mg. Therapeutic class of benzoadiazepĂ­nico. Active principlesCloxazolam.

what For?

-emotional Disorders, especially anxiety, fear, phobias, stress, anxiety, asthenia, and depressive symptoms;
-Behavioral disorders, especially poor social adaptation;
-Sleep disturbances such as difficulty sleeping or disrupted sleep and wake up early;
-Somatic symptoms, functional in origin psychogenic, feelings of oppression, and certain types of pain.

The conditions under which these symptoms occur frequently are:
-Neuroses, states, reaction, chronic, reactions pathological sub-acute;
-Psychosomatic disorders systems, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, muscle skeletal or urogenital;
-Affective reactions due to the disease, acute or chronic;
-Syndrome of alcohol withdrawal.

Other jobs:
-Pre-anesthesia medication;
-Treatment coadjuvant in psychopathy, mental retardation, psychoses, endogenous depression, and psychogenic, disorders geriatric.


When should I not use?

The use of this medicine is against-indicated in cases of known hypersensitivity to cloxazolam, derivatives, benzodiazepines and/or other components of the formulation. This medicine is also contraindicated in the united comatosos or severe depression of the central nervous system, and myasthenia gravis.


How to use?

initial Dose.
-Patients with disorders of mild or moderate, 1 to 3 mg a day.
The doses may be fractionated in 2 or 3 taken daily.

maintenance Dose
The doses should be adjusted gradually according to response to therapy.

the Pre-anesthesia
Are the recommended 0.1 mg/kg body weight, 1 or 2 hours before surgery, only in cases in which it is possible to oral administration. In cases of severe apprehension, the same dose may be administered in the evening prior to the surgical intervention.
In children less than 15 years, the clinical experience with cloxazolam is still limited.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Sedation, dizziness and headache can be checked with high doses taken at once. These side effects usually appear at the beginning of treatment, but can be avoided by the gradual increase of the dose, or may be reversed by the reduction of the same. Orthostatic hypotension, muscular hypotonia or ataxia, are phenomena rare.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Especially in high doses, Eutonis1 mg (cloxazolam), like all medications of action central, this can compromise the reactions of the patient (ex.: driving of vehicles, operation of machines, among others). In the presence of liver or kidney disease, syndrome, cerebral, chronic, or closed angle glaucoma, patients should be carefully monitored and, if necessary, the dose of Eutonis 1 mg (cloxazolam) should be reduced. Although the benzodiazepines present a low potential to cause dependence and have not been reported cases of creation of a habit with Eutonis 1 mg (cloxazolam), care should be taken when prescribing the drug to people with a tendency to addiction.
Use in the elderly, children and other risk groups
pregnancy and/or lactation
The animal experiments have not revealed adverse effects on the fetus but still there is no experience available on the use of cloxazolam in pregnant women. The administration of cloxazolam is not recommended during lactation.

In children less than 15 years, the clinical experience with cloxazolam is still limited.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

Sedation, dizziness and headache may be seen with large doses ingested at one time. In case of an overdose, look for medical guidance.