Bula do remedy Eufilin

the package insert of the medicine Eufilin. Therapeutic class of Antiasthmatic. Active principlesEthylenediamine Monoidratada and Theophylline Monoidratada.

what For?

Asthma bronchial, bronchitis, chronic obstructive and pulmonary emphysema, obstructive. Overload of the right ventricle, in consequence of pneumopatia obstructive progressive (cor pulmonale).


When should I not use?

Hypersensitivity to theophylline or aminophylline and other xanthines, epilepsy, infarction recent infarction.


How to use?

The dosage should be individually adapted, administering-if parentalmente 5-10 mg of theophylline per Kg a day divided up to 3 times a day, in intervals of at least 8 hours. In general, it is recommended 1 ampoule by injecting. The dose natural can be increased up to a maximum of 2 light bulbs, according to the physician’s discretion. In special cases, the daily dose may be increased, according to the physician’s discretion, not exceeding, however, the maximum dose of 2 ampoules, 3 times a day. Injection injection should be made slowly (approximately 5 minutes) with the patient lying down. After the injection, the patient should remain lying down for some time, under medical supervision. The application of parenteral should never be performed during states of shock or collapse. Eufilin Injectable Solution is incompatible with solution of glucose, fructose, or levudose. In cases of applications mixed with other solutions or substances, should be observed as the pH of the resulting mixture.

Infusion intravenous
In the chaos of serious state broncho-spastic (status asthmatic) it is recommended that the infusion of intravenous drop-by-drop: the addition of 3 bottles 250-500 ml of a compatible solution (physiological solution of NaCl), adapting the duration of the infusion to the kind and severity of the clinical picture. In cases of apoplexy it is recommended 1 to 2 infusions of 50 to 100 ml of physiological solution of NaCl with 1 ampoule of Eufilin (duration of infusion: 30 minutes, performed in intervals of several hours).

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

In general, Eufilin displays good tolerability.

Can occur for-effects related to the instrument the gastrointestinal (discomfort gastric, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), phenomena cardiovascular (tachycardia, extrassístoles, chest pain, hypotension, flushing easy), or only part of the CNS (restlessness, insomnia, excitement, trembling, dizziness, headache, tachypnea), as well as hives and skin rashes.

These side effects may occur due to an overdose on or overdose absolute. When plasma levels of theophylline above 20 mg/l, can occur toxic side effects, such as seizures, ventricular arrhythmias and gastrointestinal disorders serious. The phenomena central nervous, consequent to the excitation of the CNS, particularly the injections intravenous too fast.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

it is Recommended special attention in patients with peptic ulcer, liver failure, severe hypertension, as well as carriers of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy obstructive or taquiarritmia. As a precautionary measure, use of the preparation during pregnancy only under the express indication of a doctor and follow the medical instructions relating to the medication. During the breastfeeding period, the therapy should occur only after medical evaluation. Children under the age of 1 year, only in exceptional cases.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

In poisoning may occur vomiting, agitation, seizures and occasional arrhythmias. in cases of poisoning severe (usually with serum levels above 40 mg theophylline/liter of serum) can install a coma. in overdosage, the following should be considered: 1) administer repeatedly activated charcoal; 2) control the vital functions, stabilize blood pressure, hydrate adequately the patient, oxygenate, administer benzodiazepine per via parenteral, but not barbiturates.

The theophylline is metabolized quickly. when the serum levels are above 50 mg of theophylline per liter of serum, there is the suspicion of a metabolism insufficient of theophylline and a hemoperfusão should be considered.