Bula do remedy Coversyl

the package insert of the medicine Coversyl. Therapeutic class of Antihypertensives. Active principles Perindopril.

what For?



When should I not use?

Children: have Not been developed paediatric studies. In the current state of knowledge, the perindopril is contraindicated in children. Pregnancy: In high doses in the rat and in the rabbit, there is a maternotoxicidade with fetotoxicity at doses stronger. Not been found nor embriotoxidade or teratogenicity. The studies conducted in the monkey do not show maternotoxidade or fetotoxicity. Does not exist until the moment, any data relative to the perindopril in the human species. In the human species, in the patients treated by the inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme, have been observed: some cases of retardation of growth in utero, prematurity, and patent ductus arteriosus, without it being possible to determine the exact responsibility of the medicine and the pathology-based; rare cases of anuria in the neonatal irreversible when associated with a diuretic in the mother. Breastfeeding: In the animal, the parindopril passes a little to the breast milk. We do not have data in the human species.


How to use?

Hypertension: The recommended dose is 4 mg by mouth in a single outlet in the morning, and may, if necessary, be increased to 8 mg, in a single outlet, after a month of treatment. In the elderly, it is recommended to start the treatment with the dose of 2 mg orally in the morning, and it can be increased if necessary to 4 mg after one month of treatment.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

The effects reported are rare and benign. The most frequent complaints are found at the beginning of the treatment when the blood pressure is still poorly controlled: headache, disturbances of mood and (or) of sleep and asthenia. Digestive disturbances are rather specific; they have been reported disturbances of taste, dizziness, and cramping. Some rashes that are localized have been mentioned. A cough is sometimes observed: usually it bothers me a little. It is a dry cough, irritativa, and high. Some other signs have been reported, without great specificity, on the occasion of the associations therapeutic disorders, sexual and dryness of the mouth. In the plan’s biological, can be observed a discrete decrease of the hemoglobin, which appears at the beginning of the treatment. A discrete elevation of the calemia was observed; with a possible association with a diuretic hipocalemiante this back to normal. We can also observe an increase of uremia and serum creatinine, reversible with the stop of the treatment.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

No case of overdose has been reported so far. The signs and symptoms to be expected will be connected to a hypotension. In addition to gastric lavage, it is advisable to start quickly, via intravenous, and infusion of an isotonic saline solution. The perindopril is dialyzable (70 ml/min).