The package insert of the medicine Contrathion

the package insert of the medicine Contrathion. Therapeutic class of Antidotos. Active principles Pralidoxima.

what For?

Poisoning by parathion and other derivatives organophosphorus anticolinesterásicos.


When should I not use?

Sensitivity to the drug. The effectiveness of the pralidoxima varies according to the various classes of insecticides in the organophosphate. In principle, it is not indicated in poisoning by insecticides carbamates anticolinesterásicos (whose connection with the acetylcholinesterase is not covalent, low energy, and therefore readily reversible).


How to use?

the Removal of the toxic agent: In cases of poisoning by ingestion, proceed to gastric lavage with solution bicarbonatada, added activated carbon, or then cause vomiting by administering warm salt water. In cases of poisoning by contact of body parts with the insecticide, changing the clothes of the patient with another clean, after washing with cold water and soap all the parties affected by the toxic, practicing this operation with the protection of rubber gloves. Specific treatment: the solution should be prepared extemporaneamente by adding to a bottle of Contrathion, 10 ml of saline solution (the product being lyophilized, the solution is instantaneous). The Contrathion may be administered by: via I. V. (in case of emergency), directly, without dilution, in the injection slowly (1 ml/minute), or in infusion, after dilution of the solution on serum dextrose solution isotonic or physiological; via S. C., I. M., or orally, if the intoxication to be treated does not present a matter of urgency. The first injection is 200 to 400 mg (that is, 1 to 2 bottles) Contrathion. The second injection is carried out half-hour later: 200 mg of Contrathion (1 bottle). Injections later, 200 mg each (1 bottle), are carried out every 4 to 6 hours. Usually, associates, Contrathion, atropine, controlling in a permanent way, during this treatment, the state of the pupil and pulse of the patient. To combat hypersecretion bronchial and seizures, may administer antihistamines and barbiturates. It is important, still, the proper hydration of the patient. Overdose: the pralidoxima, in very high doses, can exacerbate the neuromuscular blockade caused by the organophosphate. Treatment of support and maintenance.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

visual Disturbances: diplopia, blurred vision. Malaise, dizziness, headache and tachycardia.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

The earlier is the administration of Contrathion after the poisoning the greater their effectiveness. Therefore, it will have little effect if the time between the intoxication and beginning of treatment for more than 36 hours. – Pregnancy: as a security measure, its administration in pregnant women should be limited to poisonings with life-threatening. During the treatment with Contrathion, to avoid that the patient will receive milk or fatty foods. It is recommended not to administer morphine, theophylline or analépticos cardiorrespiratórios concomitantly to the use of Contrathion.