The package insert of the medicine Cliane

the package insert of the medicine Cliane. Therapeutic class of the sex Hormones. Active principles Estradioland Norethindrone.

what For?

CLIANE is indicated for the treatment of disorders arising from the deficiency estrogenic, such as sweating and hot flashes, including prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis and atrophy urogenital in patients post-post-menopausal.


How to use?

Should be taken one tablet daily and continuously, without any interval between the termination of a blister and the beginning of another, and preferably at the same time. The employment of CLIANE is only suitable for patients whose menopause has occurred for at least a year. For women who are using hormone replacement therapy for the first time, the treatment may be started on any day. The treatment is intended for hormone replacement therapy with induction of amenorrhea. however may occur bleeding in the first six cycles of use. These may be unpredictable, but must not be excessive; The patient should be oriented on this aspect and also that these occurrences should decrease significantly, cease after this period. If the bleeding persist, should be considered as the discontinuance or change to therapy sequential. For women who used previously to hormone replacement therapy combined sequential, it is recommended to start treatment at the end of the bleeding scheduled. Can occur bleeding in the first six cycles of use. If bleeding irregular persist for more than six months, you should consider discontinuation of treatment or recovery to the therapy sequential.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

In isolated cases may occur bleeding irregular, pain, or tension breast tenderness; nausea and headaches; disturbances in stomach; changes in weight and libido.


When should I not use?

Pregnancy (suspected or confirmed); breast carcinoma (in suspected or when already diagnosed), except in patients properly selected who are under treatment for metastatic disease; neoplasia, estrogen-dependent (suspected or diagnosed); genital bleeding abnormal, endometriosis; thrombophlebitis active or thromboembolic disorders (including coronary artery thrombosis, cerebrovascular accident, etc.), severe heart disease; sickle cell anemia; disorders congânitos of lipid metabolism; diabetes mellitus, severe with vascular; acute liver disease or chronic, or history of liver disease when liver function tests do not indicate normality; liver tumours current or previous history of the same; syndrome Dubin-Johnson or Rotor; jaundice or pruritus generalised during earlier gestation; severe kidney disease.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

CLIANE is not intended for contraception. Before you start the treatment should be carried out examinations, detailed clinical and gynecological thorough (Including the breasts and cervical cytology), and the possibility of pregnancy must be excluded. It is recommended, during the treatment, the examinations of control at intervals of approximately six months. During the first months of treatment is common irregular vaginal bleeding. If the same persists, the cause should be investigated. If bleeding occur after establishment of amenorrhea, one should carry out biopsy endometrial for exclusion of malignancy. The medication should be suspended if during the treatment you are experiencing, for the first time, headaches of the migraine type, or headaches with frequency and intensity out of the ordinary; disorders sudden of perception (for example, vision, hearing); precursors of tromboflebites or tromboembolias (for example, edema, or pain is not unusual in the legs, pain of the type twinge when breathing or cough of unknown origin); sensation of pain and constriction in the chest; surgery scheduled (in advance of 6 weeks); immobilization forced during, for example, accidents); onset of jaundice; hepatitis; rash generalized; increase in epileptic seizures; marked elevation of blood pressure; and pregnancy. During treatment with hormonal substances such as those contained in CLIANE, have been observed, in rare cases, changes in liver benign and, more rarely, to malignant, which in isolated cases may lead to bleeding, intra-abdominal life-threatening for the patient. If you are experiencing disorders epigástricos serious, increasing the size of the liver or signs of bleeding intra-abdominal, should be included in the liver tumor in the considerations on the diagnostic differential. Patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, varicose veins, otosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, porphyria, tetania, korea minor or a history of phlebitis should be mentidos under careful surveillance.

Drug Interactions

The effectiveness of CLIANE can be reduced with the regular administration of other medications, such as barbiturates, fenilbutazona, hydantoins, rifampicin and ampicillin. The needs of oral hypoglycemics or insulin can also be modified.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

there have been reported deleterious effects from an overdose, so that, in these cases, there is usually no need for treatment. In the case of appearance of symptoms, the treatment to be instituted should be symptomatic and no specific antidotes. Can occur nausea and bleeding for deprivation.