The package insert of the medicine Cimelide

the package insert of the medicine Cimelide. Therapeutic class of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory andAntipyretics. Active principles Nimesulida.

what For?

Cimelide is indicated for the relief of pain, inflammation and fever, in children and adults.


How to use?

Cimelide 100 mg tablets


  • Adults and children over 12 years: the recommended dose is 50 to 100 mg, 1/2 tablet to 1 tablet administered 2 times a day, up to a maximum dose of 4 tablets per day.

Cimelide drops


  • Children: the recommended dose depends on the weight of the child, and recommended the administration of 1 drop per 1 kg of weight of the child. For example, for a child of 10 pounds the recommended dose would be 10 drops of Cimelide.

The drops to be administered can be applied directly in the mouth of children, or can be diluted first in water, if necessary.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Some of the side effects of Cimelide may include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, itching, redness on the skin, excessive sweating, constipation, gas, inflammation in the stomach, dizziness, vertigo, high blood pressure and swelling.


When should I not use?

it Is contra-indicated for children under 12 years of age, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with a history of allergies, such as bronchospasm, rhinitis, hives, or swelling in the skin, patients with bleeding or ulcer in the stomach or intestines, patients with clotting problems, issues, or diseases of the kidneys, liver or heart, and to patients with allergy to Nimesulida, aspirin, other anti-inflammatory non-steroids or other components of the formula.


How it works?

Is a medicine that has in its composition Nimesulida, a compound with anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic and antipyretic, that reduces pain, fever and inflammation.

The Nimesulida present in the formula of Cimelide is a compound that inhibits the enzyme Cyclooxygenase, an enzyme that is linked to the production of prostaglandin, thus being able to inhibit pain and inflammation.

After oral administration, Cimelide starts to take effect approximately 15 minutes after its administration, having an effect that lasts for approximately 6 hours.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Before you use Cimelide, you should talk with your doctor if you have hemorrhagic disease, disease of the gastrointestinal tract, problems in the kidneys, heart, stomach, or intestines, high blood pressure, eye or vision problems, or if you have asthma.

Cimelide should not be used for more than 5 days without medical advice, and, after this period if there is no improvement of symptoms, should discontinue treatment and consult your doctor.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

In the case of taking excessive, you should go to the nearest hospital, taking the packaging or the package insert of the medicine. Some of the more common effects you can experience after taking excessive may include apathy, sluggishness, drowsiness, pain in stomach, nausea and vomiting.


Cimelide 100 mg each tablet contains:

Nimesulida __________________________________ 100 mg

Excipients ____________________________ 1 tablet

(Excipients: laurilsulfato sodium, silicon dioxide colloidal, cellulose mocrocristalina, magnesium stearate, and croscarmelose sodium).

Cimelide drops for each 1 ml of oral suspension contains:

Nimesulida ___________________________________ 50 mg

Vehicles _______________________________________ 1 ml

(Vehicles: citric acid, methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium citrate, laurilsulfato sodium, sorbitol, xanthan gum, saccharin sodium, climato sodium, cyclamate sodium, aroma, polysorbate 80, and deionized water).

Drug Interactions

Cimelide should not be administered in conjunction with certain drugs or substances without medical advice, such as alcoholic beverages, foods or drugs that cause irritation in the stomach, other anti-inflammatory non-steroids, anticoagulants, analgesics, apixabana, ardeparina, acebutalol, certoparina, citalopram,clopidogrel, clovoxamina, dalteparin, danaparoide, desirudina, duloxetine, enoxaparin, eptifabatida, escitalopram, femoxetina, flesinoxan,fluoxetine, ginkgo biloba , heparin, levomilnacipram, milnacipram, nadroprarina, nefazodone, parnaparina, paroxetine, pentosano polissulfato sodium, pentoxifylline, prasugrel, protein C, reviparina, rivaroxabana, ticlopidine, tinzaparina, venlafaxine, vilazodona, vortioxetina, zimeldina, abciximab, argatrobana, bivalirrudina, cilostazol, dipyridamole, fondaparinux, lepirudina, tirofiban, beta glucans, gossypol, an extract of Feverfew, pralatrexato or with tacrolimus.

what should I do when I forget to use this medicine?

in Case of the neglect of the administration of a dose of Cimelide you should apply the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, if you find yourself too close to the time of the next dose, you should skip the missed dose, since the doses of Cimelide should never be applied in double or at times very near.

Cimelide cuts the effect of the contraceptive?

No, Cimelide not cut the effect of the pill contraceptive, because its active ingredient, Nimesulida, does not interact with the hormones of the birth control pills.

Cimelide gives sleep?

Yes, you can give sleep, because it is an anti-inflammatory non-steroid, which in excessive doses, can cause drowsiness, slowness, and apathy.


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The generic Cimelide is Nimesulida, but other remedies for pain and inflammation can be Naproxen, Diclofenac, Voltaren or Mioflex.

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