Bula do remedy Chitosan

the package insert of the medicine Chitosan. Therapeutic class of the nutritional Supplements. Active principles Chitosan.

what For?

it Is indicated to aid in the reduction of the absorption of fat and cholesterol present in the digestive process, preventing it from being processed by the body.

Is a functional food natural, derived from the shell of crustaceans.

oral Use


How it works?

To be eaten, form a kind of gel, the inside of the stomach absorbs the particles of fat and prevents them from being absorbed by the body.

In the middle to stomach, this particle gel formed is intertwined with the droplets of fat (8 -10%) and with bile.

As is a fiber-non-digestible, directs itself to the intestine (where the pH is alkaline) it becomes pasty, and is excreted in feces, which will carry with him the aggregates of fat and cholesterol.


How to use?

Chitosan Plus 250 mg:

4 caplets 15 to 30 minutes before main meals.

Chitosan 500 mg / Redumix 500 mg:

2 tablets 15-30 minutes before main meals.


When should I not use?

Is contraindicated in individuals who present some type of allergy to crustaceans.

Chitosan in pregnancy and lactation: this medicine is contraindicated in individuals or in the period of pregnancy or during lactation.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Must be used correctly to function efficiently, and should be eaten about 15 minutes before meals, with plenty of water, so as to allow the formation of the gel, and prevent constipation (“gut busted”).

Promotes an increase in the cake seeping, it is expelled along with fats and bile acids in the faeces.

Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult medical advice before starting use.