Blueberry: an important ally in the fight against diabetes

Only in 2014, more than 422 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes. And in brazil, 16 million people suffer with each year with the disease, and 72 thousand are fatal victims. It is what reveals the survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Before numbers catastrophic, it becomes increasingly common to hear on searches that reveal some foods that can help in the treatment of diabetes.

A study conducted in 2009 by the University of Michigan (USA) pointed out that the blueberry, also known as blueberry, is a true “fruit miraculous” when the subject is the fight against the disease. This happens because the food has properties that help to regulate the contents of sugar in the blood.

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Propriedades da Blueberry

in addition, the blueberry also helps to reduce bad cholesterol, protects the brain against the effects of deterioration associated with the action of aging, helps vision, fights free radicals responsible for premature aging of cells, prevents strokes and other heart problems, strengthens the immune system, and serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory.

The blueberry is still a fruit very low calorie, and can also be an ally in the fight against obesity. To get an idea, 100 g of fruit contain only 32 calories.

it is Not necessary to eat the fruit in an exaggerated way. The consumption of 30 g of blueberry is already enough to reduce the risk of disease in up to 60%. The fruit can be consumed in natura as an ingredient in juices, vitamins, creams, yogurts and mixed in the saldas.