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What is the Best Oil for the Hair Child

Natural Oils that Promote Hair Growth

natural Oils are often elixirs miraculous for each hair type.

The use of these oils for hair growth date many, many centuries, and for good reason.

These oils can help promote the healthy hair growth, repair damaged hair, and has many other benefits.


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Check out these oils amazing, and how they can help in hair growth of your child:


Almond Oil is Rich in Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Potassium and Magnesium.

Benefits For the Hair:

– Promoting hair growth;
– Strengthening hair;
– Sealing the moisture;
– Improving the brightness of the hair;
– Preventing the break;
– Relieving dryness and inflammation.


The Argan Oil is Rich in Essential Fatty Acids, Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin E

Benefits For the Hair:

– Keeping your hair hydrated and nourished;
– Penetrating in the pores of the hair follicles;
– Increasing the elasticity of the hair;
– Strengthening the weakened hair;
– Adding shine.


Avocado Oil is Rich in Vitamins A, E, B, Fatty Acids, Proteins, Magnesium and Copper

Benefits For the Hair:

– Care of hair and roots;
– Making the hair grow faster;
– by Increasing the brightness of the hair;


Coconut Oil is Rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Protein, Fatty Acids and Iron

Benefits For the Hair:

– Moisturizes hair;
– Seal of the Hair follicles;
– the Prevention of the breaking of the hair;
– Eliminating dandruff and dryness;
– Boosts hair growth;
– Promotes the hair shiny and silky;
– Improves the health of the scalp;
– Strengthens the hair.


Castor Oil Black Jamaican is Rich in Fatty Acids Omega-6 and Vitamin E

Benefits For the Hair:

– Moisturizes hair;
– Strengthens the hair;
– Promotes hair growth;
– Increases the blood flow to the scalp;
– Prevents breaking of the hair;
– Eliminates dandruff and eczema;
– Serves as soothing for itchy scalp.


Jojoba Oil is Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins e And B, Silicon, Copper and Zinc.

Benefits For the Hair:

– Moisturizes the hair and scalp;
– Treats dandruff, eczema and psoriasis;
– Makes the hair more soft and manageable;
– Helps to stimulate the growth of hair.


Olive oil is Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.

Benefits For the Hair:

– Leaves the hair hydrated and nourished;
– repair split ends;
– Restores hair shine and vitality.

Find out the most appropriate method to moisturize your baby’s skin with essential oils and vegetables.

The following are some essential oils and vegetables more suitable to hydrate the skin of your sons and daughters.

Are the oils traditionally used for nourishing all skin types, especially the most fragile or sensitive, as is the case of the little ones.

Remember, for safe and efficient use, you must consider some basic characteristics of vegetable oils and essential oils, and the differences between them.

Vegetable Oils For the Skin Child

Some vegetable oils are derived from seeds of oleaginous fruits, has oily texture, which are not needed to consider their proportions and are true natural substitutes for creams and industrial (does not leave the skin oily, just moisturize and nourish).

To take advantage of their many beneficial properties for the skin, you just have to apply them on the face or body, as if it were a cream, to tone before with a hidrolato natural.

Calendula Oil Vegetable: The Soothing

calendula Oil plant is an oil-excellent for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of children and sensitive skin. When we want to do a moisturizing products to the child, should be included in any mixture of plants and essential oils.

it Is also beneficial for adults with sensitive skin, or irritable.

It has many of the properties. In the first place, like all vegetable oils, it hydrates and nourishes in depth without leaving the skin oily (which is quickly absorbed) and it is soft and therapeutic, and contain components anti-inflammatory, wound healing and regenerating to the skin.

For all these reasons it is considered a product for the health of their children, and hydration, a time that is excellent to regenerate areas of irritated skin.

Sesame Oil Vegetable: Nutritious

Along with calendula, sesame oil plant is one of the vegetable oils suitable for the skin of a child by being very gentle and moisturizing.

The properties that make this oil is its action soothing and antioxidant. It is also a depurative (which is useful for stimulating the immunity of the children) and also has essential fatty acids very beneficial for the skin of babies, children and sensitive skin or reactive.

The oil of avocado vegetable: Moisturizing

The avocado vegetable oil is one of the oils more moisturizing world. In fact, he not only is excellent to moisturize dry skin, but it is also famous for its ability to regenerate and stimulate hair growth.

Essential Oils For Skin Child

meanwhile, the essential oils are substances more concentrated from the distillation of plants (or other methods), and have compounds and therapeutic need to burn very low doses (drops) and always dilute in a substance conductive (vegetable oil).

See which are the most suitable to hydrate the skin of the child:

No le: Healing

Although essential oils have highly concentrated substances, they should always be used with caution and moderation, essential oil of lavender is one of the few that can be applied directly on the skin (not diluted), and is perfectly suitable for babies, pregnant women, and all types of people, especially for its great versatility and its multiple applications.

Although you can use for different purposes, one of the properties most notable of this essential oil is an extraordinary ability to regenerate the skin (wounds, damaged areas, etc.).

it Is soft, smooth and stimulates cell growth by strengthening the skin’s natural defenses and the immune system.

It also soothes the cough (inhalation). You just have to let the kids inhale a few times and the cough is considerably reduced (at least in our experience).

Essential Oil of Chamomile: Anti-Inflammatory

Along with lavender and tea tree, the essential oil of chamomile is one of the essential oils that can be applied on the skin without diluting, and is also one of the options indicated in the treatment of the skin in children, babies and adults with sensitive skin.

And, of course, is not recommended for pregnant women as it promotes menstruation.

its distinctive quality, as well as lavender, it is the cell regeneration. Chamomile has power anti-inflammatory and soothing in the areas of irritated skin.

It also serves to promote sleep and calm the children by simply placing a drop on the pillow.

Essential Oil of Tea Tree: Antiseptic

Along with lavender and chamomile, essential oil of tea tree can also be used directly on the skin without being diluted.

Its main use is antiseptic. It is used especially in the case of infected skin (herpes, bacteria, wounds). In fact, disinfects any skin area that was attacked by bacteria.

In addition, it is a great insect repellent (also used for lice treatment).

Jasmine Essential Oil: The Aroma more Sweet

The essential oil jasmine should not be used without diluting, or is, whenever it is necessary to dilute a few drops of a vegetable oil (2%).

it Is similar to the qualities above, and emphasises mainly by its properties anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, analgesic and healing (perfect for the skin damaged).

Before performing a mix, you should know that:

To obtain the full benefits of the oils, they must be of organic origin, which have not been removed from its beneficial properties.

Vegetable and essential oils are the best natural substitutes for creams industrial, full of toxic substances.

UPDATED: 06.06.17