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Benefits of thermal water for your health

Different from the water we use on a day-to-day, chemically treated and with a pH more acid, the thermal water from the hot springs resorts in the French, and therefore has a more alkaline pH, being free of any chemical treatment.

Its main feature is to have a high concentration of minerals like manganese, zinc and magnesium, and it is this large amount of minerals which come from its main properties for skin and hair.

Stimulation of the natural defenses of the skin
A skin that is well hydrated is less susceptible to diseases, and according to a study conducted by the French Academy of Medicine, by restoring the mineral salts of the skin, the thermal spring water helps to strengthen your defenses.

Benefits of the thermal water

In the study, carried out with a number of women, it was proven that after 1 month of continuous use of the product, it is possible to see improvements as a decrease in redness, irritation, burning and itching in addition to skin acquire viçosidade and softness.

Hydration in cold weather and/or dry
Exposure to air conditioning prolonged as in the office, in the car, on plane trips, leaving the skin dry and without vitality, as the air decreases the humidity in the environment. The thermal water is able to rehydrate and maintain hydration of the skin.

Treatment of irritations and burns
Diaper rash, redness after hair removal or burns by exposure to heat and the sun are extreme stress to our skin, despite being common, especially in the summer. In these situations, the thermal water can be employed as an adjunct, since it helps to relieve pain and have properties of wound healing derived from a substance called boron, present in its composition. In this way, it helps to recover the fabric more quickly, avoiding inflammations.

Tonic facial
For being rich in minerals with anti-oxidant properties, the thermal water helps remove impurities and calm the skin, reducing redness and assisting in the closing of pores.

Completion of makeup
Even though few women know, this is a use of the thermal water that makes all the difference. After the skin is prepared and the makeup ready, spray a little water on the face and remove the excess with a tissue, doing light movements. In addition to having the makeup with a more natural appearance, it lasts for a longer time.

thermal Water

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the Promotion of freshness during the day
On hot days, the skin sweats to keep the body temperature as low as possible, but this is not enough to mitigate the heat sensation. The application of the product helps to promote the feeling of freshness during the day, and can be used even in children and babies.

Relief of the itching
Tattoo newly-made, insect bites, allergies and healing processes cause very itchy, and the temptation of scratching is great. The thermal water is able to decrease this feeling.

Hydration of the wires
As well as in the skin, the thermal water can also be employed in the hair, promoting hydration and decrease the frizz in the wires and thus providing relief of the itching caused by seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) in the scalp.

Thus, the thermal water is able to promote these and numerous other benefits when used, and that is why you should be included in your daily care routine.


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