Benefits of pass aspirin dissolved in your hair. Find out

Many people tend to invest a lot of in several treatments in search of hair of the dreams.

the Other, in order to make them more smooth, even use objects to high temperatures or chemicals on the locks. Usually these practices, in addition to cost true fortunes, it also damages the wires, making it fragile, brittle and dull.

The Youtube channel Tips Home made Easy shows you how you can get the result from wicks healthy and strengthened without having to spend a lot of money with creams and beauty salons; just use aspirin.

Aspirin in hair

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Combate a caspa

dandruff is a set of small scales that are generated on the surface of the leather, the hair, which in addition to scratching a lot, it causes embarrassment. There are several cosmetics on the market that promise to end up with the dandruff, but you can also do this by using aspirin.

aspirin has the same substances contained in dandruff shampoos, so-called acid salicílio. Put them in your shampoo and apply the product as usual. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then remove.

Mix the aspirin in hot water and apply it on the scalp while massaging. Let the product act for ten more minutes and then rinse.

to Repair the hair damage from chlorine

weekends, holidays and summer tend to be a great time to take a bath in the swimming pool. But despite being something so pleasurable, the chlorine that is in the water hurts a lot of hair. Using aspirin you will easily recover the brightness of their wicks.

Dissolve 6 tablets in hot water and spread the mixture on your hair. Let the product act for about 15 minutes and then wash off.

hair Straightening home with aspirin

Put the chemical and the iron a bit and try to straighten your hair more healthy. You will need 4 aspirins, 100 ml of whole milk, 2 spoons (soup) cream of the box without whey, 2 spoons (soup) of cream of hydration, a cap of bepantol liquid and a spoon (soup) of milk powder full.

Dissolve the aspirins inside of the milk and add the rest of the ingredients until the mixture is well homogeneous. Wash your hair, remove the moisture and apply the mixture in all the wires. Put a thermal cap and wait 30 minutes. After, wash the hair.