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Today we know that the perfume is able to reveal the personality of a person, whether in the choice of a perfume imported or perfume national there are dozens of options and each day that passes the market of cosmetics has been invaded by numerous brands and scents new scents, with this choose a fragrance ideal for us has become a task increasingly difficult.

Check out the guide that we have prepared with a few guidelines of thumb to help in choosing your perfume is male or female.

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(VIDEO) Tips for the IDEAL Fragrance (Part 01)

Put here some tips that may help you choose the most efficient way a scent:


  1. Generally the fragrance more fresh as floral lavender and citrus combine with the use of the day and in times of heat.
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  3. Weather station – choose a perfume, one should consider the climate and season. The that perisheth, though best in the winter may not be good enough in the summer.
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  5. Never buy a perfume based on the smell that it leaves on the skin of another person. The genetic profile, dietary habits, the degree of perspiration, temperament, and other factors directly affect the aroma.
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  7. it Is especially important to test the fragrance on their own skin. But the test should be avoided after eating a heavy or physical exercises vigorous.
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  9. To find out the actual result of a perfume you must wait one hour after application, when is the development of the three phases of the diffusion of the fragrance.
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  11. you Prefer to purchase your perfume in the morning, when pollution and other odours do not yet have affected your sense of smell.
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  13. Fragrances based oily more focused on the skin and exude the same aroma in any person. In alcoholic bases, after the alcohol evaporates, the natural ingredients blend together creating a smell that is different for each skin.
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  15. Test the perfume on your wrist. The warmth of this area accentuate the fragrance.
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  17. The highest areas of irrigation are the most suitable to receive the scent: your wrists, behind the ears, nape of the neck, folds of the arms and behind the knees. A spritz at the root of the hair, then brushed, it perfumes all the wires.
  18. the

  19. do Not rub the scent after you apply it. The friction damages the molecules and alters the notes.

→ See the Other Tips of How to Choose the Ideal Fragrance in the Infographic Above


When choosing a scent, take into account your style and personality sure this will make much of a difference, another tip is to choose with calm and no hurry so no impulse buying, and yes taste.

it Is common for the same perfume to present smells different when applied on different people.

This is because, the body odors are unique, and are the result of the food, the personal characteristics of the lipids and fatty acids that the skin exudes.

the temperature of The skin interferes directly in the vaporization of the perfume, and, therefore, by the smell that it exudes.

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