Be surprised with the power moisturizer from vaseline. See how to use

as efficient As the bepantol for the hydration of the skin, the petroleum jelly can be used for the areas more parched of the body. Especially in colder times, like the winter season, the dryness and peeling of the skin are quite common, and can cause discomfort, sores, and other problems.

The petroleum jelly, then, it has become an alternative for those who need to keep the skin hydrated, in addition to the product still return the elasticity and the natural look of the skin according to Daniela Rudders, dermatologist and medical director of the Slim Clinique, Rio de Janeiro. “The vaseline protects the skin by forming a lipid barrier against external aggressions and the cold,” explains the expert.

There are many products on the market of cosmetics that are made on the basis of vaseline, and these are better than the petroleum jelly is pure, according to the Dra. Daniela. This is because the petroleum jelly moisturizes and prevents water loss from the skin, while the moisturizing cream offers the reset. With this, a cream that has petroleum jelly, will offer the two functions fortified.

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what is the vaseline?

petroleum jelly is highly suitable for ressecamentos drastic, including areas with cracks, and may also be used for patients who undergo problems of dryness of the skin because of some diseases, as is the case of diabetes and thyroid.

contrary To what many think, the hydration is not done only for reasons of aesthetics, but it is also important to maintain the health. The skin, when dehydrated, may have as consequence the loss of elasticity, as well as of the protective function. To keep the skin hydrated, avoid the likelihood of irritations, since we will be maintaining and strengthening the protective barrier.

how to use?

The most noted use is the application of a hydrating for, shortly afterwards, pass the vaseline. This is because it will prevent water loss and strengthen hydration. Can be used not only in body but also in the face and, mainly, in areas of the body where dryness is more intense, as is the case of the legs, elbows, knees and heels.

Bepanthol vaselina ou?

The two products are widely used for the hydration of the skin, but have different applications: while the vaseline is only for the protection, bepantol still provides other assets, such as is the case with vitamin B5 and lanolin.

Other uses

petroleum jelly can also be used for removal of false eyelashes, since with care so that the product does not enter the eyes. Use a cotton swab in the base of the lashes for application. Another way of use is in the removal of makeup, moisturizes the nails and cuticles – pass before going to the manicure – and hydration of the lips.