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Learn about the Benefits of BB Cream

The Blemish Balm Cream, BB Cream, offers many benefits such as sunscreen, primer, base, moisturizing, anti-ageing, hides imperfections, whitening of blemishes, balances oiliness of the skin, and other functions of skin; means balm for imperfections.

The product appeared in Germany in the 1960s, serving for the treatment and recovery of the skin, in methods dermatological aggressive, such as procedures, post-surgical, chemical peels, laser.

However, in Korea, the cosmetic was very successful.

The Korean consider the ideal of beauty the skin of the child, naturally and free of imperfections.

The use of the BB Cream makes a person more beautiful, because it minimizes pores, fine lines, yet it balances the colour of the skin, spots, lightweight way; there are left traces of the product by the skin.

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BB Cream L’Oréal 5-in-1 – The Cream miracle – Watch the video below:

BB Cream is confused, often, with the primer, but the BB can, several times, replace the primer, and together with the same base.

To hide imperfections big, just the BB Cream is not enough, because it generates coverage very light to the skin.

The other products can be useful in other situations, a greater coverage of the skin.

With the BB Cream Loreal very clear, there is a possibility of mixture with a little of the base colour of the skin, with optimum result to cover imperfections.

For the people that need the use of sunscreen of factors, the most high, the BB only can not be used, being necessary to apply in addition to the product, the protector the most powerful.

Some products do not present all the functions in one; and some brands have chosen to not add color of the skin, for use of many women. Others offer the product with the skin tone.

it Is possible to apply the BB Cream using a brush or fingers. It is important to note with the cleaning of the hands at this point; if they are dirty, there is a risk of contaminating the face.

The face must be touched in always with a softness, so that marks and wrinkles are not visible.

With the proper use of the brushes, the effect of the most professional it is conquered.

By Brazil, the industry is still discovering the category-functional BB Cream. There are 5 brands with a BB Cream in the catalogs, the MAC version of the cream and compact and 3 different shades.

Still Anna Pegova, in two shades; Dior and just as present for each, only one hue, with a proposal for the adaptation on all skin tones.

The Maybelline launched a BB Cream for the international market, has the perspective to launch in early 2013, by Brazil, the version with 8 benefits.

BB Cream Where to Purchase – And how much does it Cost

the 01) Bb Cream Dream Maybelline 8-in-1 SPF 30

If you are a person concerned about the quality of your skin can not miss this invigorating and innovative cream developed by Maybelline.
$ 16.00 Where to Buy American

02) Bb Cream L’Oréal Light Color

BB Cream L’Oréal Cream Miraculous Light Color is a complete product: in 1 only the gesture, the 5 benefits for a perfect skin immediately. Moisturizes the skin, smoothes out imperfections.
R$ 31,90 Where to Buy Beauty on the Web

03) the Ada Tina Normalize the Ft Bb Cream Spf 30

Normalize the FT FPS 30 Ada Tina is a BB Cream high protection against UVA/UVB rays that provides 12 benefits in just 15 minutes: a 95.7% increase of hydration.
R$ 114,90 Where to Purchase Kutiz Beauté

04) Inoar BB Cream Leave-In 500ml

suitable for all hair types, the line of products of Inoar BB Cream is composed of Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Leave-in and Oil. All products in the line have remedial action and nutritious
R$ holds 43.90 Where to Buy Beauty on the Web

the 05) PHOTOREADY BB CREAM (010 Light Pale) 30ml

PHOTOREADY® BB CREAM™ combines skin care, makeup and sunscreen in one easy step! PHOTOREADY® BB CREAM brightens and enhances your complexion with a formula without oil, that reduces imperfections with a sense super-light….
R$ 56,95 Where to Buy biovea

06) Bb Cream Vult FPS 35 Beauty Balm multi-Functional

THE BB Cram from Vult evens out skin tone, disguises imperfections and pores protects from the action of UVA and UVB (SPF 35) providing hydration for up to 8 hours.
R$ 30,79 Where to Buy Danny Cosmetics

07) bb cream medium is the one who said, berenice

bb cream is easy to apply, the product comes in a pack super cute for 30g. the formula has a validity of two years, and has parabens.
R$ 39,90 Where to Buy who said, berenice

08) SKIN79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm BB Cream SPF30

SKIN79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm BB Cream with trouble calming effects .Skin79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm multiple natural extracts (Wild Asparagus Extract and Algae Extract).
R$ 65,00 Where to Purchase Free Market

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