Balanoposthitis – Causes and Treatments

The balanoposthitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the glans (head of penis) and foreskin (skin that covers the “head” of the penis) associated or not to infection, that occurs especially in men with phimosis. It can be triggered by several factors among them irritations that can generate complications cases such as candidiasis penile. The disease can be acute or chronic. Learn more about the evils that the disease can cause if not treated with urgency. Check here for causes and treatment!!!

Causes of balanoposthitis

The absence of regular habits and effective hygiene are considered to be one of the main reasons that influence the emergence of this illness. We can mention the lack of the habit of washing hands before and after you urinate, contact with irritating substances, usually found in the typical products of hygiene, such as soaps and creams, pharmaceutical products and fabrics that cause irritation and allergies, among others. Another causative factor of this disease is candidiasis and sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhoea, herpes simplex, syphilis, primary and secondary. Candidiasis is not transmitted, since it is generated by the body itself, when it occurs the increase of a fungus that lives in the body of the people. There are cases that you do not get to determine what caused the inflammation.

Symptoms of balanoposthitis

Being a disease of origin in inflammatory balanoposthitis presents evidence of sensory and physical. The best way to find out if you suffer with the disease, is to try to have attention to the signs your body and observe any changes that occurred in the penis. Usually the symptoms to be displayed are symptoms are pain in the penis itself or during sexual intercourse, irritation, swelling, which can exacerbate the narrowing of channel, urinary burning sensation when urinating, local warmth, reddish discoloration, itching, and irritation on the head of the penis, peeling of the mucous membrane, and, as the case may be, pus, and unpleasant smell under the foreskin.

Prevention of balanoposthitis

An essential measure in the prevention of the disease, is that there is a free careful of the glans penis and the whole genital area, such as, for example, seek to always wash your hands before and after you urinate, the use of condoms during the sexual act, pulling the foreskin before urinating, and soon after enxugá it with toilet paper, and try to avoid underwear fair or wet. Finally if you adopt these habits in day-to-day will certainly contribute as a way of avoiding the infection.

Another effective method against the appearance of this disease, is the indication of a surgery for removal of phimosis.

Treatment for balanoposthitis

The treatment depends on the cause and severity of the disease. Keep the inflamed area dry and clean, try to avoid the use of any perfumed soap, lotion or chemical element that would irritate the area. Wash the glans daily. Pulling the foreskin back gently during a bath or shower. Gently clean the glans with water and a mild soap, soon after dry with a clean towel and ensures that the penis and the glans were fully dry, before you wear your clothes. Other forms of treatments that you can adopt are to use condoms during sexual intercourse and after the act, clean up the penis, do not use underwear in synthetic fabrics or sizes too tight, and avoid the use of wet clothes, or remain long with them if they are sweaty. If you notice that the glans has small plates white, which are caused by a fungal infection, don’t try to wipe them, and much less rub them, as this can cause an injury even most of the glans, and consequently appear open wounds, it facilitates the entry of micro-organisms.

When cases arise very serious and difficult to treat, being useless treatment with drugs and creams and ointments, it is recommended that they are made or the postectomia or a circumcision to resolve the problem.

In all cases it is indispensable to the monitoring of a medical expert in the case (urologist). If you have phimosis, surgery for removal of the foreskin is the most indicated for prevention of the disease.


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