Bacabunga acts against scurvy and other diseases. Know

The bacabunga is a plant that has many uses. It can be used both for some alternative treatments as well as for those who want to decorate the house.

medicinal Properties

The plant has several medicinal properties. It acts against the scurvy, can be applied against the escrófulas, cleanses the body of its toxins and waste, it is appetizer, laxative and diuretic natural.

It is recommended to purify the blood, treat ulcers external, help to regulate the gastric juices and serves to treat liver problems.

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The leaves and stems of the plant were used to cure scurvy. The plant is also used as vegetable and is considered healthy, but many people do not consider it to be very tasty.

Externally, the leaves serve to be applied in injuries, in spite of their qualities to be light. They are placed, primarily, under burns.

The bacabunga has served as an antidote to the natural to the disorder, especially in the skin. The infusion of the leaves is patched to treat impurities in the blood. In the 14th century it was much used to treat problems such as edema, gout, among others.