How to create the child your body image

During infancy, every human being begins to create your body image.

This will form part of the concept that it has of itself and will be closely related to the self-esteem.

To create your body image, the child is based on the information it receives from its immediate environment, by stages. For example, the first few years of life the important thing is to teach the child to be appreciated as an individual and not as an extension of their parents.

Later on, you will teach the parts of the body (nose, mouth, hands, eyes, etc.) to learn to identify them in their own body as to recognize them in others.

in Addition, the knowledge of the parts of the body lets the child be distinguished as a human being and not as an animal, a plant or an object.

later, to make life in the school environment, children begin to develop even more the concept of their body image. How? through the contrast of opinions about what is pleasing or not to the view, which is most common, etc.

Your body image in the classroom

In the classroom, it will reinforce the knowledge received in the home about the human body. the through different dynamics, the teaching is geared towards the achievement of the following objectives:


  • get to Know the parts of the body and the forms, stage school of the same.
  • the

  • correctly Naming each one of them.
  • the

  • Differentiate the characteristics of the parts of the body.
  • the

  • to Locate each part of the body.
  • the

  • will Begin to recognize the more visible and functional.

A possible order in which the child can learn to identify the most visible parts are: head, face, arms, hands, legs, feet, sex, toes, tummy, nose, mouth, ears, eyes, teeth, cheeks, lips, chin, and elbow.

children between the ages of 5-6 years old should know how to recognize some 30 or more parts of the body.

Learn to distinguish and identify parts of the body

Another aspect that you should learn is about the height, colour and thickness. on the other hand, can identify the forms which have each of the parts of the following way: hard and soft, sharp and rounded, the pairs and unique, immobile and mobile.

The teacher will plan games that are related to how to create the child of their body image. Some of these activities may include making drawings on their bodies. Are appropriate for children ages 5-6 years.

There are different games depending on the age of the child and the degree that you are pursuing.

But after 2 years it begins to stimulate the knowledge of their body image in a positive way.

in general, these games consist of, to mention, touch and identify the body part of the form dynamic and fun.

Your body image with a realistic view

In your body image will influence the culture in which you grew up, family values, and life experiences with your body. All of these situations can render a person’s relationship with itself.

it Is vital to help the child to have a realistic picture of himself with self-acceptance of their characteristics. In addition, you are willing to change some things to benefit your body as it is to improve health.

important things

as time passed, the image of a person may vary due to changes of circumstances of a person and depending on the age. However, these changes should not affect the concept that has wrought the child on her image.

When you enter the stage of pre-adolescence, may exhibit alterations in your body caused by the development, which leads them to be rejected themselves by the way they view their body.

Another aspect that negatively influences the child, it is when the family of this there is obsession for an aesthetic body very specific.

Creation of your body image in a positive way

you Must teach the child to appreciate the different features and benefits that brings to your body. in Addition, to strengthen the self-esteem in regard to the various skills and abilities, who learn to value themselves.

Delves into your child as you are with your image by being with others. Could it be that you reject the way you see your body or not? Let him know that the stereotypes of beauty that promotes the advertising does not adapt to the reality.

Promotes the acceptance and recognition of the body differences between people, depending on age, culture, and build.

do Not give more importance to the physical aspect than the spiritual. On the other hand, does not criticize in front of the child to the people by way of excess or lack of weight. You should not highlight negative aspects of the child’s body.

In conclusion, How do I create the child your body image? Will depend on the way how to teach from childhood. The best way for the child to feel at ease, is highlighting its positive aspects and give praise when it is convenient .