Alzheimer’s – Causes and treatments

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive neuro-degenerative disc disease that has no cure and which affects directly the functioning of the brain. Slowly, the person who is afflicted with this evil goes and its cognitive functions impaired, such as memory (this is the most representative); attention, language, reasoning, concept space, and other that impair the daily activities of the individual.

Also known as Alzheimer’s disease, this problem affects mainly older people. In Brazil, it is estimated that about 6% of the more than 15 million individuals with over 60 years of age suffer with this illness, which is the main cause of dementia, accounting for more than 50% of the cases.

Causes of Alzheimer’s

The exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease, unfortunately, is still unknown, although their incidence occurs predominantly in older people, there are reported cases in younger patients. It is considered as the Alzheimer’s Early the one who is diagnosed before 65 years of age. In these cases, most of the time, the disease is hereditary, and the symptoms can begin to appear very early, at around 30 years.

now Back to the causes, scholars have identified a genetic component common in the diagnostics of Alzheimer’s, but did not advance much beyond that. But there are risk factors: age; genetic influence; be of the female sex, since women are most affected; low level of education, because the more intellectual activity a person has, the more intense are the synapses, that is, the communication between the neurons, which can delay the onset of symptoms.

Have suffered fractures in the skull and possess certain diseases (cardiovascular disease, depression and obesity) also increases the chances of suffering with Alzheimer’s. A way of trying to prevent the disease is to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, avoiding excessive drinking, smoking, avoiding also to have a diet unbalanced, be sedentary and lead a stressful life to the extreme.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

How to identify if a person can be with Alzheimer’s? Some of the signs begin to appear in the day-to-day:

• memory Loss, especially forgetting recent events;
• Loss of ability to perform tasks that were previously common, such as making accounts or cooking, for example;
• Objects put in the wrong place;
• Change of mood suddenly, leaving peace of mind to stay hectic in a short time, for example;
• Disorientation in relation to time and space, as not to know what day or what time it is, you lose in places that you attend regularly;
• Difficulties in expressing themselves verbally, using fewer words, feeling difficulty to find the terms that express an idea.

Treatments of Alzheimer’s

Although it has not cure, the patient with Alzheimer’s needs to be treated. The treatment includes drugs that alleviate the symptoms of the illness, trying to preserve cognition for as long as possible. Physical therapy may be indicated for patients who have trouble getting around and maintaining balance.

in addition, the patient should maintain a diet that is rich in vitamins and omega 3, which stimulate the brain activity. Occupational therapy and games that will encourage thinking will also be very welcome in the routine.

And of course: all the patience and love of the family.


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