Alopecia – Causes and treatments

The Alopecia is characterized by total or partial loss of hair, and hair in a certain region of the skin. The failures, which are also known popularly as “peladeiras”, presented in oval-shaped or rounded. In extreme cases there is total loss of hair on your body, including eyebrow and eyelashes. It is a problem more common in men than in women. It is estimated that alopecia affects between 50% and 80% of the male population. It progresses as the man ages. Reaches about 40% of men over 50 years and 80% of men over 80.

In relation to women, the alopecia affects between 20% and 40% of the population, usually between 30 and 50 years. People of all ethnicities can be affected by hair loss, but the problem is less frequent in individuals of afro-american, chinese, and indigenous.

Causes of Alopecia

there Are several factors that contribute to the emergence of alopecia. See the main:
• Hereditary factors
• Deep injuries
• Allergies
• Trauma
• Agents radioactive
• Burns
• Poor nutrition
• Hormonal changes (generally related to the post-partum female)
• Menopause
• Excessive stress

Symptoms of Alopecia

The symptoms are, basically, the progressive decrease of hair in a part oval of the skull. The skin of this region shall have a smooth texture. In addition, doctors say that other symptoms may present depending on the case:

• Itching in the region where there is a fall
• Strong tingling
• Burning
• Reddish hues

it Is important to ascertain the way in which the fall of fur and hair to identify which type of alopecia it is. For example, the Areata, a fairly common way, can be aggravated by emotional factors. The loss of hair and wires, in this case, is quick, and the rebirth of them will depend on each case. Get to know the characteristics of the 5 classical forms of the disease:

• Areata: Usually shows oval shapes.
• Areata Ofiásica: The wire lost form one track extensive on the skin.
• Areata in Plaques Multiple, or Multifocal: Presents many of the oval shapes on the scalp.
• Areata Total: the Entire scalp is affected.
• Areata Universal: All the hairs of the body fall, including the eyebrow and pubic area.

Treatment of Alopecia

After you have identified the type of alopecia that affects the patient, the doctor will define and indicate one of several ways to treat the problem for each case. Know some of them:

• Laser: This treatment is used a special device to stimulate the growth of the wires. Your laser hits the cells and causes the wires to be born anew.

• Surgery: doctors perform a minicirurgia and apply new wires in the places affected.

• Medicine: For men the most prescribed is Minoxidil. It requires frequent use to be able to present good results. There is also the Finasteride, another remedy that offers great results, but that should not be recommended for men because its formula has many hormones.

• natural Treatments: Many natural products have shown a great result. One example is the herbs: aloe vera, rosemary, centella asiatic, and saw palmetto.

• special Products: The fall can be treated with shampoos and special lotions. In addition, there are vitamins made exclusively for the use in the affected regions in the skull.


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