Allergies – Causes and treatments

allergies, also known as ‘hypersensitivity reactions’, are responses to exaggerated immune system after exposure of the individual to any agent antigen (foreign substance). The allergy usually occurs in individuals who are already susceptible, or who have family members with the same type of allergy. Allergies can be divided into food, skin, airways of the respiratory tract, nose, or eyes.

What are the types of Allergies?

– food Allergies: caused by seafood and fish, eggs, milk and other dairy products, peanuts, tree nuts and soy.

– Allergies of the skin: manifest themselves through itching the exaggerated and minor injuries. When very severe, can arise in various parts of the body.

– Allergy in the nose: the most well-known is allergic rhinitis, caused after the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose. The main causes are dust and dust mites.

– Allergy in the airways – the main manifestation of allergy in this group is asthma, which is accompanied by the asthmatic bronchitis and bronchitis allergic. Such diseases are caused by: backflow, infections in the airways, allergens, physical exercise, carried out erroneously, food and medicines.

– eye Allergies – the allergy more common in this group is conjunctivitis, which causes redness, irritation, tearing and itchy eyes.

• the Main causes of allergies
Generally (that is, the which includes all types of allergy), the main causes of this exaggerated response of the immune system are:

– Food;
– Mold (formed by the agglomeration of fungi and bacteria);
– Mites;
– Cheap
– For the animals – even the pets, such as cats and dogs;
– Pollen from flowers, and spores of fungi;
– Certain medications.

• Symptoms of allergies

The symptoms of the allergy depend much on what type of allergy is the individual.

For allergy in the respiratory tract, as is the case of asthma, for example, the symptoms are: shortness of breath, tiredness and fatigue frequent, wheeze and feel tightness of the chest, and cough often (many times accompanied by a secretion of white).

in the case of allergic rhinitis, the most common symptoms are: nasal mucosa, eyes irritated, red and itchy, nostrils clogged, runny nose, abundant and as well net, sneezing, frequent and repeated, itchy persistent in the nasal region (which includes not only the nose as the roof of your mouth, ears, eyes and throat), cough during the period of the night, sinusitis, pharyngitis and amigdalites.

Allergies, skin or food allergies tend to be very specific. While the food occur shortly after the consumption of certain food, allergies of the skin cause itching frequent and intense, and the possible manifestation of injury reddish.

• Treatment

there is No way to set only one type of treatment for the allergies, after all, each of them require specific care so that they can be treated or at least alleviated).

so, when you notice the onset of allergy symptoms it is necessary to search for a doctor who is a specialist. In the case of allergies on the skin, doctors dermatologists are the most recommended, while allergies in the respiratory tract require specific treatment by otolaryngologists and eye allergies need to be treated by eye doctors.


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