Chronic alcoholism – causes and treatments

The consumption of alcohol in excess can cause the body to become dependent on the drink. This is a disease that affects both the physiological condition of the person as your personal life. If it is not treated, the high consumption of alcohol can even lead to death. The chronic alcoholism is a risk because it leaves the immune system weakened. For this reason, the alcoholic may have many of the diseases that affect their organs. The excess of alcohol impairs primarily the liver, which is responsible for the metabolism of the drink. Serious problems in the body cause cirrhosis, a disease fatal to the alcoholic.

Causes of chronic alcoholism

The chronic alcoholism happens little by little. The person consumes daily alcohol and cannot realize that he is losing the control over the drink. Later, his personal life is affected, and she becomes a different person than he was.

With many problems piling up because of alcoholism, she need to forget about the resentment. Then proceeds to drink more to feel good. But the problem is that your body is very tolerant with the drink. To reach the state of pleasure that you want, she needs to drink more and more. In this way, the alcoholic creates a vicious cycle that will always be increasing your own problem when you try to overcome it.

Symptoms of chronic alcoholism

The alcohol turns into a real obsession. The alcoholic begins drinking early in the morning, and spends all day consuming the drink. Unable to work as it should, since your body can only feel good when there is alcohol in the body.

it Is common for the alcoholic pass to behave in a different way. Can become aggressive, angry or depressed. Changes of behavior in relation to the people around you and starts to have financial problems.

Normally the people closest to the alcoholic know that he is having trouble with the drink, even though he does not recognize this. That is why the role of family and friends is essential to the recovery of the sick.

Treatment for chronic alcoholism

it Is very rare for an alcoholic that admits they have a disease and need to be shown. Much of the refusal is due to the fact that the first step in recovery is admission. Get out of the life of society and to have follow-up medical care is essential for the patient to detoxify. This work must be done by the people who care about the alcoholic. They must convince you that he has a serious problem, whose solution is the hospital stay.

After the detox is done, the patient may undergo a therapy group. Are encounters with other ex-addicts and the experts, and that you will help you resume your life. The person needs to relearn how to live without alcohol, and so this contact is important. A program very recommended is the “12 Steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous.

With the therapy correct, the level of alcoholism is gradually decreasing. Later, the person returns to socialize normally and to feel motivated without the help of the substance no. She is fully recovered when you don’t have more difficulties in autocontrolar.


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