Alcoholism – Causes and treatments

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) alcoholism is a disease caused by the dependence of a psychoactive substance, in particular alcohol. Thus, when alcohol use becomes abusive, uncontrolled, constant, and ever more gradual, this may be a sign of the emergence of the disease.

it is worth noting that alcoholism does not refer to the desire to consume alcohol once in a while, which is common in a large part of the population. The use of this substance becomes a problem to the extent that the individual depends on the same, losing the control of the frequency and of the proper amount for consumption. The alcoholism is able to compromise not only the physiological condition of the individual, such as primarily, the psychological.


• the Main causes

there is No specific cause for alcoholism, since the disease can arise in individuals of any age, gender or social condition.

alcoholism is considered a multifactorial disease, which means that it can arise from several factors. Among those that contribute the most to your development we can highlight:

– gradual Increase in the frequency and quantity of alcohol consumed;
– health Condition of the individual;
– Diseases of character emotional, as is the case of anxiety and depression;
– genetic Predisposition;
– environmental Factors and psychosocial.

• Symptoms

Even though the word alcoholism is common, very few know what it really means. In general, alcoholism is nothing more than a ‘syndrome of alcohol dependence’, which causes it to be characterized by the following symptoms:

– the Loss of control of consumption: the individual alcoholic is no longer able to feel when to stop after a cycle of consumption is initiated;

– Binge: the individual has a great need of consuming alcoholic substances – and not only in moments environments (such as festivals or celebrations), but also in the daily life;

– Dependency of character physical: the physical dependence appears along with the withdrawal symptoms, which is when the individual does not consume alcohol for some time. The symptoms are: sweating, nausea, anxiety, tremors, difficulty sleeping, tachycardia and even depression.

These symptoms, in turn, only be relieved when the individual submits to the consumption of alcohol, or drug sedative.

– Tolerance: the body of the individual alcoholic passes to be able to tolerate more alcohol each time that consume. For this, it needs to increase the quantities of consumption with frequency, in order to feel ‘taller’.

• How it works the treatment?

The treatment of alcoholism varies greatly – it can be performed both by means of medication as per follow-up (and even hospitalization) and psychological.

In the case of hospitalization, there is a voluntary internment (when the individual assumes the need to treat the disease) and involuntary confinement, which occurs when family members, friends or health professionals need to intervene in this process.

Already the treatment with medication is carried out mainly with two types: the drug haloperidol and the antietanol. Both the dosage as the choice of the medicine must be based on medical specialist.


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