Alcoholism, Acute – causes and treatments

The alcoholism acute happens when the body becomes fully dependent on alcohol. It is a problem that occurs gradually in people who consume the beverage in excess. Alcoholism acute causes an imbalance chemical in the brain, which happens to feel normal only when there is alcohol in the body. The alcoholic develops tolerance to the drink, and so always needs a greater amount of alcohol to start feeling its effects. The addict begins to drink early in the morning and continues throughout the day.

Symptoms of alcoholism, acute

In advanced stages, alcoholism becomes a physiological, that is, the drink leaves the body dependent on it. It is possible to notice significant changes in a person’s life, which falls in a true vicious cycle. In order to forget the problems caused by alcohol, she will drink more and more. As your body is tolerant to drink, he requires a sum of each of alcohol.

When the person is extremely addicted, it can have several different kinds of diseases. The alcohol leaves your immune system compromised, in addition to increasing the risk of heart disease, and respiratory infections. The alcoholic may also suffer from hepatitis and have irreversible brain damage.

The unrestrained alcohol causes the person to have his personal life compromised. The first she denies his addiction, but it builds up resentment by his dependence. In serious cases, becomes aggressive and psychotic. Often has visual and auditory hallucinations. Your financial life becomes compromised, and she is no longer able to have any control over the consumption of alcohol.

Treatments for alcoholism acute

there is No cure for alcoholism, but it can be treated, no matter the age of the patient. There are several ways to end the problem, such as, for example, support groups, therapy, and treatment with medical supervision.

As the alcoholic does not realize the degree of your disease it is important that your family and friends advise, to seek help. The first step is to convince the alcoholic that he is ill.

Typically the hospital stay is way more indicated from the beginning, so that the patient can detoxify. Treatments based on the improvement of cognition and behavior are the most indicated. Gradually, with the reduction of alcoholism, the person around the to have social skills and keep in control.

After the detoxification process, the patient should be referred to a therapy with a medical follow-up. A recommended program is the “12 steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous. The meetings are conversational and help the ex-alcoholic to live without having the drink in your blood.

First aid
When you are in the place in which a person displays symptoms of intoxication acute, do the following:

With the victim conscious:
• Give her drinks very sweet
• Try to induce vomiting to eliminate the gastric contents
• Keep an eye on their vital functions
• Try to keep the victim with the same body temperature

With the unconscious:
• Keep your body temperature
• Keep an eye on their vital functions
• Putting sugar under your tongue
• Let the person into air permeable,
• Take it to the hospital as soon as possible


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