How is the influence of the first chakra in your economy?

According to Hinduism the chakras are the energy centers that regulate the balance of our body and mind. We find seven chakras aligned along our spine and each one revolves as a wheel in a particular direction, mobilizing the energy from the first to the last point of our column.

One of the chakras most important is the First Chakra or Chakra Muladhara, the root chakra, it is represented with the color red and is related to the stability, survival and basic needs.

This chakra is located in the lower part of the spine, in the tailbone, and covers the entire area of the perineum. This first chakra is attributed to the connection with the mother earth, the force of life and nature. The first chakra, in short, represents our roots and sustenance in the life and how well we are doing in the society.

Organically the first chakra relates to the stomach, the musculature, the skeletal system and the adrenal glands.

on the other hand, the first chakra is linked with our ability to live in the present, our force and the relationship with the material possessions. When a person is living slope, of the future, fearful of what is to come and fear of “not having enough” tomorrow, it presents an imbalance in their first chakra, and with it also experience a malfunction of the glands and organs that depend on it.

How is the influence of the first chakra in your economy?

THE first chakra, or root chakra, is directly related to the way in which we act in life. The security with which we proceed when making important decisions comes from how we see ourselves.

A person who is sure of herself and of her ability to solve any type of problem that is present in your path, without a doubt, will achieve its economic goals sooner or later and will know how to tackle the problems with cunning and without fear. Act with conviction and without fear of “what might happen tomorrow” is the key to economic success.

If, on the contrary, the person fears take it a step further because you are deeply worried about the future, and will invade repetitive thoughts of lack of goods and abundance, which is planning to day-to-day it is a life that round the shortage.

Think about the debts and everything that you don’t have today or you can have no tomorrow, leading to a lack of confidence in our capacity to generate wealth and prosperity. It becomes a vicious circle that goes from the concern for how we are rooted in the life and in anguish over how we can move forward, which does not allow to live in balance with the present.

Have the ability to be living and operating in our present, gives us the confidence that we need to be all we can be, to get the best version of ourselves and attract the abundance to our lives.

This center of energy is the key to enjoying the now and build a future of prosperity and inner peace.

How to know if your first chakra is out of balance?

When your root chakra is located locked or out of adjustment may be reflected in low self-esteem, fear and insecurity, depression, sexual problems, aggression and anger, lack of motivation to work or an addiction, financial problems and self-centeredness. On the other hand manifests itself physically with back pains frequent, sciatica, problems in the legs and hips, hemorrhoids, prostate problems.

How to balance the first chakra?

No need to be a yogi or a profound understanding of the energy therapies to be able to work on our energy points. Are already many people who understand that our body is composed of energy and that it flows with more or less power according to the vibrations with which we act and relate in our day-to-day, without the need to be esoteric or alternative therapies. However, as beings as creators and receivers of energy, we can act on these specific points to find the physical and mental balance that we need.