Acute appendicitis – Causes and treatments

In Brazil, more than 150 thousand people each year suffer with the acute appendicitis, an inflammation of the appendix which if not treated can lead to death. The appendix is a structure that has the same shape of a worm and what comes out of the first part of our large intestine, in the cecum. It normally measures 10 centimeters and is located on the bottom right of our abdomen.

what causes acute appendicitis?

The appendix, for being part of the large intestine, has a channel that have communication with our gut and feces semilĂ­quidas. When these droppings harden they form a cake or block which ends up closing this channel and causing an inflammation in the region. The name of this stool hardened is fecalito and he is responsible to the lymphatic tissue of this region, and that causes the appendicitis.

acute appendicitis is one in which the patient feels a severe pain and very uncomfortable in the abdomen. To get to the hospital and perform some imaging tests that she is with the inflamed appendix and that will have to undergo a surgery.

Symptoms of appendicitis

Typically the first symptom of acute appendicitis is pain relevant in the region of the navel, usually this pain is accompanied by vomiting and nausea. After a while, the pain is concentrated in the lower part of the abdomen to the right side and the person begins to lose appetite and also a mild fever.

In some cases, the appendix ruptures, in these cases the normal is that the body’s defenses to block the content of the appendix with an abscess. If it does not it spreads through the abdomen and can cause peritonitis acute, a frame, a serious infection that can lead the patient to death.

When this happens the person feels pain in the entire region, the fever is high and the patient also presents a framework for the toxicological seriously. The ideal is to go quickly to the hospital for the person to take antibiotics and be submitted directly to surgery.

The normal is that the acute appendicitis reaches people between 15 and 50 years, but it is not unusual for children to also submit the framework.

Treatment for acute appendicitis

Every time the patient is diagnosed with acute appendicitis the most appropriate is the surgical interference to avoid disruption of the organ. The procedure is done with general anesthesia and a small incision in the lower part directly from the abdomen, when there is abscess doctors also perform a drainage. Today, the surgery can also be done via a laparoscopy and that leave less marks.

The time of admission may vary from person to person, between 1 and 3 days. Usually the inpatient only happens when there has been rupture of the appendix. After it is common for the treatment to continue with some antibiotics endovenosos for the best treatment.

The cases of peritonitis are acute are more severe and the patient can spend time in the Intensive care Unit and having a hospital stay longer in the hospital, since you’ll have to do tests and get medicines in the vein for a longer time.


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