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There are several causes behind acne, and that could be any one of them – or a combination of factors.

Below are some of the causes of types of acne to help you better understand what may be happening with your skin.

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>> what causes acne?

Believe it or not, the exact cause remains unknown. Researchers reduce a group of several interrelated factors:

> hormonal Activity. Androgens (male hormones) increase in both boys and girls at the onset of puberty, causing sebaceous (oil) glands of the body to expand and have more oil.

The production of oil (oil) can also increase during pregnancy or with the onset or interruption of oral contraceptives.

> Medications. The medicines that contain or stimulate androgens, corticosteroids, or lithium may play a role in the development of the acne home treatment.

> Heredity. The researchers believe that a good gene could give a hand on this, which means that if your parents suffered with pimples, you are at greater risk of suffering with them, also.

> in Addition to the real causes of acne, there are other factors that can make acne worse if you are already prone to it:

> The hormonal changes that occur in girls or women 2-7 days before the start of your menstrual cycle. Pimples during your period are common!

> Sensitizing reactions to makeup, irritating ingredients of skin care, specific foods (rarely), allergies, or medicines.

it is Also important to observe what does not cause acne, regardless of all the stories that account.

Eating chocolate and greasy food is not a factor in the development of degrees of acne.

If this were so, all that to eat candy as well, they would have acne, and it is simply not the case! Acne and blackheads are not the result of a skin dirty.

The black dots that are the tip of blackheads are not dirt showing beneath the surface of the skin; they are dead skin cells and oil oxidized, making them appear dark.

>> Who have Acne?

You may be asking yourself: Who can have acne? It is not just a problem for teens?

Acne is really the most common of all skin diseases, and people of all races and ages may suffer.

it is Estimated that 80% of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 will have acne at some point in their lives, and it is not uncommon for some people to get pimples well into their 40 and 50 years, which can only add frustration because it is during this time that the signs of the most acute of aging begin to appear (Hello, wrinkles).

While there is a lot you can do to prevent some of the causes of acne, this does not mean that there are things that you can do to get the acne under control.

There are many medicines both oral as to go over the acne, to take away the redness.

There are also several effective treatments, look for a dermatologist to learn more.

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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