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One thing is for certain those who don’t want to have a belly at least normal for the bosses today or with a bump, much smaller than the demos today.

The truth is, only when the subject is abdominal, there is nothing equal to the exercise done in the old fashion, in that we raised the trunk floor, almost to the point of sitting down.

Remember the physical education lessons of your childhood? We are going to show you the abdominal exercises that work!

As it is, a recent scientific study done in the United States concluded that the full sit-up, as the movement is known in English, is the champion in time to recruit the fibers of all the muscles of the belly.

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The abdomen is a muscle like any other so if you are thinking of doing 300 crunches, one after another all day think well because we don’t give do abdominal to lose belly every day, because he also deserves his rest, as the other.

Remember that the muscle strengthens at rest, and so we have to respect your recovery interval.

However, the abdomen has a peculiar characteristic, he recovers more quickly than other muscles due to their composition of muscle fibers and a muscle postural.

contrary To what many people think, exercise does not affect the lumbar if it is run in the correct way.

The secret is to hold the feet to the muscles of the base of the column take off from the ground smoothly, without leaps.


In the academies there are many people who have the habit of performing abdominal daily at the end of the workouts. Do not follow the majority…

Look for abdominal infrastructure a maximum of 3 times per week on alternate days.

it Is essential to respect the recovery interval of muscle to which there is response to stimulus.

Tips for an abdominal correct


  • a range Of at least 50 seconds between one section and another;
  • the

  • The feet should be fixed on the floor. For this, you can put shin guards and heavy (over 4 pounds) in each of the legs, support the feet under a sofa or even ask someone to hold them while doing the exercise;
  • the

  • don’t climb with the back straight. They should be rounded;
  • the

  • When you are climbing, do not feel, because if you form an angle
  • the

  • 90 degrees, sitting up completely, the muscle will be less required.

Massage Abdominal

The abdominal massage is an ancient practice that contributes to the morale and well-being of the people:

Apparently, practiced since the time of the Maya, which still believed that a cure for infertility.

It is taken as an exercise natural to relax the mind and the body, bringing benefits both physically and psychologically.

massage Is very simple, that can also be practiced at home without difficulty and deployment time excessive.

Weight Loss

Accompanied by a healthy diet and sporting activities regular, massaging the belly can help you lose weight.

In the first place, because it helps to eliminate constipation, but not only does this practice promotes diuresis adequate and stimulates the metabolism, which generally works at a slower pace when you are dieting.

The reduction of abdominal swelling

As we said, massaging the belly can help to stimulate the natural metabolic functions of our body.

This has a most positive effect:

Reduces the accumulation of substances harmful or toxic in the body, which are the basis of the swelling due to the irritation, discomfort and spots.

Goodbye to constipation

The International Journal of Studies in Nursing published a study on the effects of abdominal massage in constipation.

The research was conducted by selecting a sample of 60 people:

Everything a laxative, while only half of them was also practiced massage in the belly was administered.

Well, the daily use of this practice has proved very effective:

Patients benefited from a significant reduction of the constipation and pain abdominal every day, more than those who only had the laxative.

The survey also confirmed that the massage helps regulate the blood flow in the region of the intestine, improving the health stomach and digestive disorders.

Against cellulite

The abdominal massage has been associated in various ways to the reduction of cellulite in your stomach.

according To the site, from 5 to 15 minutes of daily exercise also help eliminate skin imperfections more boring, with significant results after just one month.

psychological Benefits

Some people who have tried daily abdominal massage, also had psychological benefits significant:

stress Reduction and peace of mind are the improvements more common.

any way, it is quite obvious that to eliminate the toxins from your body, and benefit from some activities of the gastro-intestinal regular, are preparatory to the improvement of the mental state of the people.

The tightening of the muscles of the stomach is also often associated with increased anxiety and the everyday worries.

Other benefits

There are also additional benefits for those who practice this massage is noted, but not confirmed in all studies that we consulted.

For example, according to some, to combine abdominal massage with aromatherapy oils you can reduce the menstrual pain.

in The same way, it seems that the massage helps to improve and maintain the muscle tone of the affected area.

How to practice

There are several schools of thought on how you can practice abdominal massage, but don’t seem to compete with each other.

In the first place, the frequency is:

Massaging the belly should be practiced at least two times per day, just wake up and before you go to sleep, for a few minutes per session.

The procedure:

Lie on a bed or on a mat placed on the floor;

Remove all the tissue from the belly, in order to have a direct contact “skin to skin” with their own hands;

Rub your hands for about fifteen seconds, or until they are very hot;

Place your fingers on the navel and begin twisting it away from her and headed to the outer areas of the belly.

The movement has to be decided, but not painful;

you Focus your mind on the heat that slowly grows in your area abdominal plank, while drawing 40 or 50 circles around her navel, in a total time of two minutes.


experts advise against this practice in certain groups of people, which could bring them harm, rather than benefit:

pregnant Women

People with gallstones

People who suffer from kidney stones

Persons with sediments of calcium in the bladder

women who suffer from inflammation of the reproductive organs

People who suffer from hernia

people who suffer from ulcers in the stomach or duodenum

People who suffer from internal bleeding

Plank: Abdominal Exercise

The “plank” is a static exercise, in which you have to keep your body in the correct position, even if you do not make a specific motion.

To begin, lie on the floor, with the abdomen facing down.

then, bend your elbows 90 °, so that they are aligned with your shoulders.

The body should form a straight line from head to heels;

Remember that the elbows should remain a little below her shoulders.

When you adopt this position, the abdominal muscles tend to relax them and you will not until you have finished working out.

The sides should remain high and should remain in this position for a few minutes.

Initially you can start with one or two minutes in that position, but the ideal is to gradually increase the resistance until you can maintain the position for 5 or more minutes at a time.

Foot: it is hard to keep the balance, because it increases the pressure on the abdominal muscles.

the Legs Should be kept straight and together, on the contrary, will reduce the pressure on the muscle of the right abdominal and lumbar spine.

Buttocks: Compress and not relax until it will end the exercise, since this increases the activation of all the muscles of the lower part of the trunk.

the lower Part of the back: This part is very important for the good running of the year. Your back should be very straight.

This means that, for any reason you have to curl it or move it to one side or the other. Imagine that your back is firmly placed against a wall.

Abdomen: throughout the year you will have to keep tensed the abdominal muscles, you will feel the pressure, but don’t hold your breath.

the Elbows: The elbows should be directly under the shoulders and form a straight line, to avoid overloading and weight desnecessário about them.

Tips for Beginners

The idea of the year “plank” is to maintain the same posture for as long as possible. This exercise is not particularly easy, but the benefits are amazing.

If you are not accustomed to physical activity, but you need to put into practice this exercise, you can begin to hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds.

If you practice regularly, you can also start with two minutes.

later, you can take a break 2 minutes and repeat up to 5 times.

If you are a beginner, do not try to get the highest score before the time.

You’ll have to do it gradually, until you can hold the position for a few minutes without any problems.

Benefits of “plank”

Buttocks: This exercise works the gluteal muscles and tendons of the legs.

Thanks to this, you can tone the buttocks and, little by little, combat cellulite.

This exercise allows you to exercise the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck part.

it Is recommended to avoid osteocondrose of the neck and lumbar spine.

in addition, it is ideal to relax the muscles of the back, after scoring a effort of lifting heavy loads.

Legs toned: exercise can make you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles of the legs. Don’t worry it means that you’re working correctly.

Stomach: This position allows you to work perfectly the abdominal muscles, and lower than the sides.

UPDATED: 01.06.17



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