9 Benefits of porterage to your baby

The carry, although it seems a fashion of the fathers of our times, it is more than just a look back and a return to what has always been the most simple and practical way of transporting babies.
If we think about it, before the onset of the cochechitos baby, the only way of transporting the children was in arms, and astride on the hips of their mothers.

The carry has always been one of the ways in which women were able to continue doing your chores without detach their babies. What gave them the freedom to move, work or go shopping without neglecting their children.

Today we are accustomed to seeing the cochechitos baby as an indispensable element when it comes to having a child. This gadget is one of the first things that people begin to look for the parents when expecting a baby. However, although the stroller is very comfortable to carry baby when we are walking through the city and leave it to rest if we’re going to a friend’s house or going out to get something to drink, those who have tried the proteus claim that since that take your kids “above” the baby stroller seemed like a great junk that should push and which in many cases limits their freedom of movement. We do not mean by this that the use of the stroller and the baby seat are incompatible, but that each one fulfills his function in certain situations and is tailored to the needs of the parents and their style of life. But it is true that there are many and many that are changing the concept of how to transport their children in a way that are comfortable and that fit your way of living.

there are Already many parents who use cravats hammock or ergonomic backpacks for porterage to their children from birth until they are 3 years or more, and is that, in addition to providing a simple way to comfortable carry the baby, the porteo has great benefits for the development of our children and the relationship they establish with the parents.

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then you leave 9 good reasons to use a scarf carrier, and to enjoy the benefits of:

1.- Creates safety in baby

To be in contact with your father or mother the baby feels secure and goes away the feeling of abandonment that can be created when your child is left to much time alone in the crib or stroller. Babies are born without knowing where it ends your body and begins from their parents, which is why we need to feel the body to body contact from the beginning. This direct contact with their parents gives the self-confidence and promotes the link between them.

2.-Promotes the physical development of the baby

The scarf carrier, when the child is newborn, it allows baby to acquire a suitable position in the development of their spine and hips. When porteamos the baby in position of “frog” we are respecting the physiology of the child, which brings its lower limbs in abduction and flexion, and the spine with a slight flex, which promotes their physical development, prevents and benefits the healing of dysplasia or congenital luxation of the hip, in addition to preventing plagiocephaly, a deformity that occurs in the head of the children by bad posture in the first months of life.

3.- Sleep better

babies that are ported by their parents cry less, sleep more, and better. The feeling of being accompanied and offers you the calm that you need to reconcile the dream and provides security for not having to cry, like you would when you feel alone and looking for attention.

4.- Benefits the intellectual development of the baby

With the equipment carrying the baby interacts with the environment at a height in which you can view and perceive the world from a perspective more real than when it is lying on the cochechito. It is able to live more enriching experiences which promote their intellectual development.

5.- Promotes breastfeeding

babies who are carried by their mothers in a scarf baby carrier tend to eat better and in a more comfortable way for the mother, since el portaging allows you to give the chest at any place without even having to change the child’s position. In addition to this, the constant contact with the child favors the segregation of milk.

6.- Better control the temperature

Although we may think that carrying the baby close to your body will increase its temperature and pass the heat, the fabrics with which they are made scarfs carriers tend to be cool fabrics that allow you to run the air. The strollers, however, tend to be made of synthetic fabrics and its box shape can be much more hot than we think. On the other hand, the portage to the baby both father and mother, regulate their body temperature to adapt to the needs of the baby, so that both in summer and in winter bring our children glued to our body is a very good option.

7.- Aids digestion of baby

To be in contact with your mother or father at the height of the womb, the baby receives a kind of “massage constant” that stimulates your digestive system is still immature. This facilitates good digestion and expulsion of gases, thereby decreasing the so annoying cramps.

8.- Promotes proper posture for parents

Portage duly a baby compels parents to maintain an upright posture and controlled. This facilitates a proper alignment of the spine, which prevents that the parents suffer from back pain.

9.- More freedom for parents

When we bring our baby “hung” of our torso, we leave the hands free to perform other tasks, which gives us much more freedom than when we push a stroller. On the other hand, we can move through the areas where a stroller it would be more complicated to bring: ladders, areas without roads, hills, narrow alleys, the beach, areas with a lot of people, etc
And if we think of parents with more children, a protabebĂ©s allows us to bring our small baby on the hook and to the more large hand. Although there is a possibility of bring children to higher weight and height in a scarf knotted at the hip…

As you can see the porteo is a whole world of possibilities, it is just a matter of learning how to knot your scarf and enjoy its benefits both for the parents as for babies.