7 Tips for better sleep

Sleep well is essential if you want to get up with energy and well rested to start the day.

For many, sleep is something easy and can enjoy a good night’s sleep without a problem, for others, bedtime becomes a struggle against insomnia and restlessness, or your dream takes place in a wake up constantly during the night, causing discomfort the next day and a constant tiredness both mental and physical. And is that to be able to enjoy a quality rest is the key to the performance in our day-to-day.

If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep or your sleep is not quality, don’t miss these 7 tips for better sleep:



  • Avoid electronic devices: One of the habits that most disrupt the process of attenuation of our rhythm is to use electronic devices just before going to sleep. Review the mobile, the computer or tablet and watch tv in bed, are acts that negatively affect the reconciliation of the dream. That you have not revised an hour before going to sleep, leave it for morning when you wake up. Instead of taking the last look at the social networks, watch tv or read any news on your mobile device before you sleep, read a book (on paper), or listen to some music that you like.
  • in Addition to these 7 tips, do not forget that for a quality rest is important to a healthy diet and perform exercise on a daily basis. Although at first it seems heavy make, change of habits will help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up with energy and vitality each morning.