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Hair with Perfection: “freedom from fault or defect” or “an exemplification of excellence supreme.”

People that has the perfect hair and great apparently, you must follow certain routines and practicing healthy habits in the hair, don’t you think?

The practice leads to perfection? With certainty.

research is done about different women who had the hair almost perfect, and bring in 7 habits care what they do with their hair.

>> Your Hair As if it Had come Out of the Hairdresser


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Now check out the habits of care 7 hair of real women:

> Habit 1: Shampoo sparingly

Almost all expers in hair say that it is healthy to wash your hair every two days, or two to three times per week. A thick hair can only cope with a wash every three to four days, this is enough!

Other women claimed that they only wash the hair every three days with shampoos and soothing conditioners that do not contain sulfates, and said still that are good for their hair and for the environment.

If you are washing only twice per week to leave your hair a mess oily, do not worry. This is good, the sebum is also part of the natural process of hair.

> Habit 2: Exchange of products

Many of the women interviewed said that their secret is to change your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair will never get used to the same.

it Appears that vary is not only the spice to life, but to hair as well.

> Habit 3: Go easy with the brushing

Surprisingly, most of the women with whom they talked said they rarely use a brush through their perfect hair. Comb the hair with your fingers hurt less, and make the wires fall less. But you know how to be a hair smooth natural?

> Habit 4: Let hair dry naturally

The hair shiny, healthy and strong does not like heat, and most of the women with whom they talked said that it’s mainly good to let the hair dry naturally.

we Know that it is complicated, especially for people who don’t use their natural hair, but it is important to at least 4 times per week you do not use any tool electric to dry your hair.

If you want to you can still appeal to the diffuser or the use of the air, the more ice cream of your dryer, it does so less wires.

>Habit 5: Trim regularly

The easiest way to get rid of split ends of course, just bite them off. Perhaps that is why women with hair perfect does not have any problems with this, because they said they have your perfect hair in minutes cut every three months or even every six weeks.

Those who can not go to the hairdresser all this time, take a video on the internet and cut your own split ends.

>Habit 6: Only color hair when necessary

The majority of women with perfect hair say not dipped hair, integers, or left naturally as he is.

it Is also proven in the form of research that hair with natural color are the most healthy and beautiful, full of life, in addition to a charming impious.

> Habit 7: Eat well and take vitamins

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will give you gorgeous hair that you dreamed about.

it Is your power that your hair will receive the strength to grow more vigorously and become glossy and silky.

7 Tips for the Hair

Here are the best tips from the hairdresser to the care of the hair.

1. Wash: shampoo lightweight

Use a ph neutral shampoo. Use a shampoo or a product with chamomile extract. Depending on the length of the hair use a portion of hazelnut and shampoo.

2. Rinse: cold water

always Wash our hair thoroughly to avoid residue of shampoo remaining on the perfect hair homemade and scalp. For the final wash can take cold water that stimulates the circulation and closes the pores.

3. Drying: the fresh air instead of a hairdryer hot

Scrape the hair is very strong, let it pre-dry in a shower cap or towel, then wipe dry. The method is more gentle to dry the hair is only in the air.

4. Keep: hair products

Care in excess damages the hair. Never overdo it with lotions, wax or lacquer. However: The hair is mostly dry and brittle. A treatment package occasional is, then, ideal. Massage a product above all of the tips.

5. Protect: alcoholic products

Dryers and mousse protects hair against environmental influences. Make sure, however, to use products without alcohol.

6. Style: volume-to-hair-loss

As a consolation for those who suffer from hair loss: Very few are blessed with a hair that only need to be air-dried after washing, then coat bouffant presents perfectly.

For all the other there are few products of style that cause as much damage to the scalp or in the hair, keeping the tips challenged and, above all, to create more volume.

7. Special treatment: dyeing

Hair with no life need a perfect cut. In addition, the color or stretch marks, bring them back to the state, freshness, and movement in the hair. Remember that you can change the color of the hair with the help of oxidizing chemicals.

People with hair loss should stop dyeing the professional and don’t do it very often. Do not wash before dyeing the hair so that your scalp is a bit protected by the layer of natural fat.

then, you should absolutely use shampoo, conditioners and treatments specifically for hair color.

5 Things for a Beautiful Hair

We reveal what women always do with your beautiful hair.

1. Invest in a good haircut

Who wants to have beautiful hair, you need a good stylist. Only a perfect cut can come to its best advantage of the hair.

however, you do not need to be the best hair cut and more expensive. Much more important is that the hairdresser not only mastered their craft, but also match your personal style.

2. Do not forget to scalp

Not only in the upper parts, but also the scalp must be well maintained. Cleanse to soothe sensitive skin and ensure that it remains in balance. Tip: add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo to remove the residue and impurities.

3. With all the attention dedicated to women with big hair, naturally do not leave the tips aside. Therefore, not only a hair mask weekly, but also protective oils and creams that protect hair end up with heat damage.

4. Let the products rest

Relax during the exposure time in a hot towel around your hair or wrap it under a shower cap.

The heat induced penetrates more deeply into the hair the ingredients of the products, and personal hygiene.

5. Moisture of the hair

hair Dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, are provided, at least on weekends.

it is Known that the heat takes away the moisture from the hair, resulting in that it is dry and no longer shiny.

UPDATED: 07.06.17



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