7 Big Mistakes That Hinder Muscle Growth

okay to make mistakes. We are human above all. What is not well is to commit always the same mistakes. Based on my experience and also in that of other people that I helped in muscle growth, I came up here to talk about the 7 most common errors.

Avoid these mistakes and you will observe a wonderful gain in muscle mass.

Error 1: do Not observe the food intake

You can’t control what you don’t measure.

This is one of the most important things in the muscle growth you will need to do when you are trying to gain mass. Ironically, people rarely pay attention to this aspect of a healthy life.

it Is true that there are flaws in the concept of calories in the model of thought of reduction of calories, but if you want to gain muscle mass it is important that you consume calories greater quality than the quantity.

When you have a natural food is more difficult to eat enough to get a surplus of calories, since natural foods do make you feel more full more quickly. If, for example, you should eat 250 grams of protein per day and you are improvising in each meal to ensure variety, there is a high chance that you do not come even close to consume 250 grams of protein targeted. Well, at least that was my experience.

When you have already passed the initial stage, you need to be more methodical to increase the gain of muscle mass.

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The best way to see the amount of food you eat is to make a journal of your food (physical or electronic). Using a simple diary of food online such as FitDay, is truly easier to keep track of the amount of food that you eat. I take less than two minutes a day to do record all there.

With countless food options available, you can ensure that it will not matter what you eat will already be in the database with all the nutritional information. In case you don’t find the specific food, FitDay allows you to add and customize a item food.

At the beginning seems a bit tiring to keep track of all the foods that you eat, but if you are well disciplined and you’re eating the same amounts of food all day, the note of the food ingested will only take a few seconds.

Error 2: Not eating enough

This here is related to the previous one and I would say that is the largest sticking point for most people.

As was mentioned before, if you are not taking note of the foods you eat, there is a high chance that you’re not eating enough. If you are eating less than necessary, you can forget your muscle growth (unless you are a beginner).

When you are at the beginning, no matter what you do, you see results. You gain muscle even by eating less or eating the wrong since you train intensely.

Unfortunately, the initial phase lasts a little bit for everyone. The body quickly adapts to new stimuli and after a few weeks, and maybe months of initial earnings, the progress in the academy to suddenly.

Your ability to gain muscle mass from that time is incredibly decreased, where more and more effort is required for each gain additional weight in muscle.

The biggest reason most people do not ingest the required amount of food is because they are trying to eat different things every day. The biggest concern of these people is that by eating the same thing every day, they get sick or something.

This is a bullshit, total and absolute, if you ask me because when you think about it, the woman or the man average western eats predominantly the same thing every day. If you are eating six meals natural per day (each one being different), then you probably have more variety in their diet than the man and the common woman have in a week.

Eating the same food every day will save you from spending hours of preparation and the nervous. Eat the same foods does not mean that your meals will be tiring, in fact it is quite the opposite. You can still prepare delicious meals, but they will take much less preparation time since you have already standardized on throughout the cooking process by doing the same things every day.

This is what kills the enthusiasm of most of the people… the preparation of the food. No one wants to spend all her time daily in the kitchen, making food and thinking about what you will eat tomorrow. Life is already quite complicated, so why make more complications?

Just eat the same meals every day. It is easier to control and keep in line.

Error 3: Not sleeping enough

You have muscle growth when you are outside of the academy.

Go to bed early is the biggest sticking point for me. Ironically it is also the most easy to solve, but for some reason I can’t go to sleep early.

Your body need rest quality, especially if you are involved in any type of physical activity stressful as training with weights.

When you are lifting heavy weight, you make micro-cracks in the muscle fiber. If you are not sleeping enough, your body will be unable to repair these micro-injuries and this can lead to overtraining and injury more serious.

Remember also it is always good to calmly analyze what you eat before you sleep.

It’s all a matter of hormones

Our sleep is divided into two cycles that are the non-REM and REM. During the phase of non-REM is the deep sleep and when we get to the greatest amount of growth hormone. In short, the GH (growth hormone) is an anabolic agent that promotes the restoration and growth of muscles, amongst other things.

This way, if you want to gain muscle mass will need to ensure that you are getting the greatest release of growth hormone, every night. But how exactly can I do this?

since our growth hormone is released only during the deep sleep and the hours of the deepest sleep occurring at about 2 in the morning, you need to make sure that you will sleep in the wee hours of the night. There is a greater amount of deep sleep early in the sleep cycle, while the proportion of REM sleep increases at the end of the cycle of sleep and just before you naturally wake up.

During our restoration in the phase of deep sleep, blood pressure drops and breathing becomes more deep and slow. With our brain taking a time-much more than necessary of our daily concerns, there is more blood available to flow between the muscles.

The more blood rich in nutrients flows (if you are with your diet in the day) combined with high levels of growth hormone, which will dramatically improve your ability to gain muscle mass.

Lack of sleep and time of sleep deregulated, on the other hand, do quickly decrease the amount of growth hormone that the pituitary gland secretes during the deep sleep. The deficiency of growth hormone is associated with increased obesity, loss of muscle mass and reduced ability to exercise.

The biggest reason I can’t go to sleep early is because I keep my laptop on after 8 in the evening. To be able to go to bed early (about 22pm) you must, a few hours before you go to sleep, be sure to turn off all electronics like tv, laptops, smartphones, etc. In my case, I try to turn off all my devices for around 20h and every time that I can do this, I’m going to sleep early with no problems.

it Is recommended that you have at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep less that it causes you to compromise your progress in the gym. It is possible to decrease the hours of sleep you need to sleep to feel completely rested through adherence to a time schedule consistent sleep, but if your goal is to gain muscle mass, miss for more than 8 to 9 hours.

Here are some quick tips to get a good night’s sleep:

Go to sleep early (22h is ideal)

Let your room completely dark

Use earplugs to eliminate noise in the back

Try to keep the room temperature around 22°C.

Read a book boring before bed time (preferably fiction)

Error 4: Do not strive enough

If you not scared with the weights that you lift, so you’re not lifting the weight enough.

Many people think that to have a muscle growth is enough to do squats and lifts with 60 kg for a few reps. Guy, as they are wrong! I have spent months, lifting light weights in most of the compound movements and then I was wondering why I had not made any progress.

You should definitely use light weights when you’re starting out, so you can focus on to correctly do each exercisecise, but as soon as you have a good way you can focus all your efforts on lifting weights more and more heavy.

The size follows strength.

But what exactly it means to train heavy? As well, is to train simply to the maximum or until muscle failure focusing on the most compound movements like deadlift, squat, press area, bar with a fixed weight, etc. If when you finish your last repetition and feel that another repetition is impossible to execute in the correct way, then you are training with the right intensity.

Especially in the beginning (after the initial phase) if you have all the variables checked, your deadlift and your squat should easily surpass the mark of 100 kg.

Error 5: you Spend too much time in the gym many times

This is relative to make a lot of exercises on a single time and repeat the same series of work all the days in the week.

there is nothing truly wrong in spending a lot of time in the gym if you are trying to make new friends or even meet a suitor that is trying to lead a healthy life. But, when you are trying to gain muscle mass, try to make your training sessions as short as possible.

This means doing a routine that focus on intensity and not on the amount.

Remember that the muscle develops when you are resting, not when you are training.

When you are trying to increase the muscles, routines that emphasize compound movements such as deadlift, squat, press area, etc., are the best ways to get there. Not be doing a series of endless Scott curl and triceps extension, you will not get big with complementary exercises.

Under no circumstances try to do routines that you saw in magazines of bodybuilding, they are prepared by aberrations in genetic eating of steroids.

Composite is the way to go.

To focus on compound movements, you will be able to finish your training in less than an hour, and you may even save some money, since that will go to the gym with less frequency. A simple routine of Pull/Push will do wonders on your size and strength if you’re training with intensity.

Remember that when you are training to increase muscle mass, less is more.

Error 6: by Lifting weights the wrong way

This is the kill, literally.

Do the compound movements such as deadlift and squat, in the format inappropriate is a path without back to the hospital.

sure, there is a large margin of error when you are lifting light weights, but as soon as you start to lift heavy weight, there is no more space for errors.

To gain muscle mass your primary focus should be to increase weights in compound movements. A good technique will allow you to lift more weight and as you should probably know more weight = more muscles.

Focus on the force and your mind will follow it.

In my specific case, I was able to rapidly increase the weigh on the deadlift by 20 kg, and after months stuck on the same weight. The only change I made in my deadlift was to incorporate more of a posture more upright, that was it. the In some cases small changes can make a big difference.

it Is really important that you do your lift with a perfect technique.

A video camera can be your friend for this. Try to write the maximum you can from your training to be able to see if it is running in the correct form all the major exercises. Compare your videos with other instructional videos on YouTube and quickly you can see if your technique needs to be better crafted before you lift heavier weights.

Stressed with things of no importance

Stress can have a very important role in your ability to gain muscle mass. You can be sure that you deal with the stress is not just a good way to progress in academia, but is also good for your health as a whole.

since the weight lifting and stress are related, I could identify two major sources, and they are:

Setting of inappropriate objectives and stressed in relation to the physical of other people.

it Is really common for people who are beginning to set goals too high for a good way and for sure there is nothing wrong with that. The problem appears when the person wants to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but consciously or unconsciously they are not willing to make an iota of effort required to reach your goals.

The idea of them is “if I go to the gym 5 times a week and lift weights for 3 hours, I’m going to look like a bodybuilder in weeks anyway. Forget the power!” This type of thinking is the reason most people get frustrated and give up after a month or two of training.

To avoid this type of stress, the truth is set intelligent goals with which you are comfortable in relation to so much of the effort that you will have to do. If you are not willing to make the necessary effort to achieve your goals, then you will not gain muscle mass.

The other major source of stress to avoid in relation to weight lifting is the comparison with the physical other that have the most developed form.

This was my problem for a long time.

We humans, we are 99.9 percent the same genetically. Is this 0.1 percent that separates us from all others. And this even 0,1% determines how much muscles we will carry throughout life, and how quickly we can develop them.

Since the ability to gain muscle mass is largely determined by the genes, which we have not chosen, being obsessed in relation to other people that are more developed than us is useless and highly counter-productive.

what helped me the most was just to compare myself to myself. At any time that I find myself doing comparisons with the physique of other guys, I remember how much I have improved over the last year (in size and strength gains). And this is sufficient to eliminate stress. I can not be as developed as some other guys yet, but the trick is the fact that I’m calmly reaching my goal of good form.

If this type of thinking does not help, then you can try to think you are just a guy’s natural in a world in which all of the other guys use steroids. This will help you achieve a peace of mind, I assure you.

There are many other mistakes people make while trying to gain muscle mass, but if you make sure to avoid these that I’ve described above, surely you will be on the way to achieve wonderful results.

do You have any other common error that I would like to share and I forgot to mention? If yes, please tell me more about it in the comments below.

Know of any other errors that may hamper muscle growth? Comment below.


hello I’m 40 years old, do the gym 5 times per week I have different training sessions every day work of a body part,but it seems that I can not gain muscle mass I muscle shoutout & tell easy and lose weight slow,will be that you have something wrong with my body!

Probably there is nothing wrong with your body. Possibly the problem is with the diet. If you were eating enough you should be gaining weight.


Wow very good content , but to talk that try to pick up heavier loads cause micro-injury is wrong , totally wrong that it causes more microvestido+.0p is not the load but the perfect is not good to force the volume with 10% to 20% less charge with a run is better…think more about it ,for he who is strong even know what the charge is for donkey an irrational animal, use the intelligence to be rational and observe the execution time of the amplitude , time interval, diet and sleep and grow healthy, fast and without risk of injury , when thought of this way q the more load the more lean mass the only thing I developed was the tendonitis now q I know that it is much easier that it seems I have a mass gain much higher, but normal people that is in the gym to compete with the person on the side, and the right is to compete with yourself, if you overcome, make certain not to believe in things that science and the practice does not show it. The theory is great if the right but only the practice that leads to perfection .