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6 simple habits to improve your life

6 simple habits to improve your life

Improve our quality of life and get to be more happy and healthy are goals that many of us mark the time of choosing our way of living. However in these days of information overload it is even difficult to choose which advice to follow and what habits to adopt to live a healthy life and keep us filled with energy.

Without a doubt you can find a lot of information about the latest studies on this or that nutrient anti-cancer, rejuvencedor, or stimulator of the brain… tips on food you should integrate into your diet and warnings about others that you shouldn’t even try…also, recommendations on types of exercises or sport practices, which many times confuses you, since there are experts that recommend types of routines are very different in terms of number of hours per week or level of difficulty. For this reason many happens to us that after reading the latest trends in body care and health, we are still doing the same thing that you were doing some time ago, making perhaps some small modification, since we are not able to synthesize the vast amount of information that exists on topics related to staying healthy.

But, why bother so much?, survival has been our forte since long times, nor can we imagine, and we’re not bad at this track in the planet. Many times the only thing to do is go back to the roots and listen to what our body and our mind to ask in a clear way. Who better to say what you want to our own body? is so today we leave you 6 simple habits to improve your life and feel healthy:


What simple thing isn’t it? No matter who you are, and you spend what you spend, you need to rest. A person should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day to replenish your body.
Sleep is crucial for maintaining health. the While we sleep we recover the physical and mental functions and improving the performance in these aspects.
While you sleep the hormones in your body are balanced and your brain absorbs the nutrients necessary for their functioning.
It is important to have a deep rest and of quality that contribute to energy and vitality at the time of the vigil. So, if you have insomnia problems, it is important that you seek effective solutions and begin to sleep more and better.


Although it is a vital function that we all perform daily, not always breathe well. Is more, few people give a real importance to execute a few poor patterns of breathing, usually we just limit ourselves to catch and release the air as a necessary action for not to drown.
is A good breathing is associated with better physical and mental health, which can be used to promote relaxation, concentration, control of stress and increased emotional awareness.
A good breathing is called diaphragmatic breathing, which in addition to providing us with oxygen it is highly recommended to combat stress and improve digestion.


Our body is made up of mostly water and every cell requires water to perform its function. An organism dehydrated not “surrender” of the best way, the same as a machine without oil. This is why many people suffer from constant headaches, fatigue, digestive problems and sleep disorders. All of the above could probably be remedied by beginning to drink more water.
is Drink water when not thirsty, because if you start feeling thirsty means you’re already dehydrated.
is Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (water only, juices, and soft drinks do not fall within those two liters)and more if you play sport. You’ll see how your body responds better to activity after it has been hydrated.


it is no secret that the power is a fundamental part of our health. The care of the body and the mind are also passed by our stomach.
In food issues, there are a thousand opinions, there are those who choose a vegetarian diet, others that use animal proteins or who prefer a type diet macrobiotics. There is certainly much to choose from, but what we are really interested in is that what “between” to our agency are high quality foods.
To eat, we must eat, that much is clear, what is difficult is to make good decisions to do so. Eat as many natural foods as you can, away from the processed foods little give to your body.
the Eat varied and always just the right amount. Although we recommended a thousand and one food that we should incorporate in the diet, we cannot eat them all at once or in too much quantity.

5.- MOVE it!

whoever you are, you work in what you work on, you have the free time you have… there are no excuses, get a move on!
There are a thousand ways of exercising and moving the body. Take the bike, walk daily, go to the gym, play with your kids, runs, dances… move it!
Every day come out new machines in the infomercial to get you to buy those and you have a perfect body without leaving your house, or new therapies to lose weight or gain muscles without efforts, but do You think so?
is The best thing you can do to stay healthy and with vitality is to move, to sweat, to feel the body fatigued and I take a shower reponedora! a great plan for any day and any time, you point it and you will see how good you feel.


while it is true that an excess of uv rays are very harmful to the skin, take the sun in a controlled way and often translates into a chute of vitamins for our body.

The vitamin D that we get from sun is far more effective than any supplement you can find at pharmacies. This vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

With sunlight it stimulates the immune system and maintains the skeletal system.
With just 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight a few times a week, you have the perfect dose of vitamin D to not have to resort to supplements external.

Follow these 6 simple steps and you’ll have a base to build a way of living much more healthy, full of energy and vitality that you will certainly happiness.