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the Cuts and Hairstyles of celebrities and the famous from all over the world are always references, and dictates the fashion when the issue is to create the trend.

Many Women are inspired in the cuts of the Famous when planning your next transformation in the wires.

And healthy hair and long.

The color and the size of the cuts are also very much copied even more the famous this evidence is for a movie, novel or even this on top with some music between the most played.

Knowing that our team has selected various cuts of celebrities from all over the world for those who know how you build courage and change the look.

>> Your Hair As if it Had come Out of the Hairdresser


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11) Carolina Dieckmann

Transform the look is not a problem for the actress. This time, she left behind the wires blond that is exhibited in the novel “Jewel” and took the light brown.

12) Susana Vieira

The actress has undergone a transformation in the visual because of his next character, in the miniseries I Love so Much, it’s Fantastic.

Susan put megahair and dyed the strands of reddish brown.

13) Selena Gomez

She decided to modernise the cut super long and adopted a fringe peaked in the height of the eyes. Visual approved?

14) Kelly Key


16) Adriana Esteves

17) Cleo Pires

18) Claudia Milk

19) Mirella Santos

20) Sabrina Sato

21) Carol Castro

22) Graciella Carvalho

23) Fernanda Keulli

24) Antonia Fontenelle

25) Deborah Secco

26) Halle Berry

27) Angelina Jolie

28) Christiane Torloni

29) Gwyneth Paltrow

30) Jennifer Aniston

31) Drew Barrymore

32) Megan Fox

How to Let your Hair strong and Healthy?

The hair is an important part of female beauty. Especially when they are healthy shine and silky.

The nuts and bolts of this it is a healthy scalp.

we Have the best tips for strong and healthy hair throughout the year.

gentle Cleansing

Tip: Wash your hair only every three days.

Washing the hair too often may cause increased production of sebum in the scalp leading to oily hair.

How to obtain strong and healthy hair? The secret is in the shampoo.

Use a product that exactly matches your hair type (for dry hair, oily or color, etc.)

Pay attention when he purchase that the pH of the shampoo is suitable for the scalp and provides the recipe for both the hair structure moisturizes and softens.

in addition, you should be careful when buying a shampoo that contains no silicones.

If these do not particularly cleaned properly, they are deposited on the scalp and form a film that seals the hair.

This deposit of silicon is as a reason why not leave the hair dye correctly.

The worst consequence of deposits:

The coat is hard and dry under the silicone layer of the normal.

Expensive shampoo without silicones to use.

Apply the shampoo properly has to be learned

Wet hair, give a little bit of shampoo in his hand open and spread in the hair strong and thick.

the Mime scalp with a gentle massage and leave the shampoo soak in before you rinse thoroughly.

Very important: In no case wash the hair two times.

The scalp tense unnecessarily.

Take a quantity of the size of hazel-flushing in the wet hair, to restore the protective film natural.

For the brave among you:

Finally, soak the head with cold water.

This strengthens the flakes of the hair and gives the hair a silky shine.

it Is certain that to dry your hair in the air, is clearly the healthier alternative, because the heat of the hairdryer and escape of the moisture of the hair.

But who in the morning had enough time to air dry your hair?

If you use a hair dryer, then wraps the hair gently in a towel to pre-dry them well.

If the hairdryer in the level of medium heat and is best used with a brush made of a natural material, so that you will not hurt the substance in the capillary.

What is the brush that’s right for your hair, go for the hair brush ABC.

The beauty comes (also) from within

those Who want to get strong and healthy hair, occurs to these 3 golden Rules no more:

1. Only in the stress

Because of the stress aid that increases the production of oil more dandruff to occur and hair loss is accelerated.

2. The exercise helps

An exercise that helps the body to excrete toxins through sweat or sebum.

do Not forget: The hair should be washed after exercise make sure to remove all of the waste of welding well.

3. A balanced diet strengthens the hair

Protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins provide substances important vitamin for the hair strong, and long.

Oily Hair

it Is because an excessive production of sebum in the scalp.

The solution: To illuminate oily hair back to health has a sebum regulator and the scalp can be healed.

For a gentle care and deep action is used:

Massaging the lotion special cleansing gently the scalp

Dry Hair

The reason: In very low sebum to open the given hair and the hair becomes dry and without shine

The solution: A large amount of moisture

A combination of a shampoo for moisture and a constituent of the hair mask treats dry hair with a complex of repair intense.

Comb your hair several times with a soft brush bristle to distribute sebum natural.

Hair without Shine

The reason: When the slide is hair on the trunk fiber to reflect light poorly, the hair looks dull and without gloss.

The solution: Use after washing the hair regularly flushing it once more gives your hair new shine and intense shine.

you Can also a little lemon juice or a tablespoon of white wine vinegar with a sink, to enter, in order to strengthen the glow effect yet.

Massage in the scalp for the hair healthy and food.

healthy Hair comes from the roots, that is, through a gentle massage on the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Only that you should not massage very challenging, as it the production of sebum is stimulated and the approach may, thus, act greasy.

right Hair

it Is important that you choose your hair products, then you provide it perfectly with what he needs.

Keep in mind that their hair has changed over time, for example, habits of style, or to the natural aging process, and to adjust the maintenance, if necessary.

If you are not sure, you can make use of a hairdresser, an analysis of scalp and hair, and advice.

Smooth for Healthy Hair

If you treat your hair gently, it will look healthy.

This includes, in particular, that you will not stretch and damage the surface of the hair unnecessary.

Zero after the wash the wild dry your hair.

Use hair brushes natural bristles or mixed, which slide through the beautiful hair.

And just bring accessories for the hair, that are not made of metal and have sharp edges.

With hair treatments for healthy hair

Treat your hair regularly with a deep conditioner.

These extra bits of pampers care for tired, damaged hair inside and outside with ingredients intensive.

For example, vegetable oils, moisture, or protein split ends is reduced and the hair gets more shine, volume and softness.

Style and Protection for Healthy Hair

be Careful with the sun protect yourself against sunburn on the skin, and the hair will be protected from the sun and heat.

This means that: You put a hair band, a cap or hat if you are more in the open field.

healthy Hair with vibrant color

If your hair is healthy and shiny, even his natural hair color is to intense to bear.

If you want, you can leave your color dand the hair for dyeing or help coloring a little on the jumps.


I Maquio

2 Tips for the Perfect Hair

With these tips you will stop your hair for more time with hairstyle and perfect hair.

There are a few things to do after a visit to the hairdresser. But apart from the gleaming, an advantage completely different: 2 – 3 days, you can, in fact, save the wash hair unwanted!

Tip 1

be Careful with the cream for the face, since it could make your face greasy!

Lotions on your skin, it leaves about 1-2 inches square in the front of the line of hair stay strong and grow. This prevents the cream into your hair.

Tip 2
Shampoo dry is not only about the roots of the hair. Do not forget about the places around the ears and neck.

These are the areas that accumulate fat more quickly. With a bit of shampoo and dry in these places you may have to dry longer.

Masks homemade for the hydration of the hair

If you are wondering how you are going to moisturize your hair with masks homemade avocado and honey are great allies.

We will show you the two masks prepared prepared with natural ingredients, cheap and easy to prepare.

homemade Mask with avocado and olive oil

Avocado and olive oil are rich in ingredients. They hydrate the hair, combats dryness, you end up with frizzy hair and provides a shine.


1 ripe avocado.

2 tablespoons olive oil (if you want you can replace with oil of argan, almond, or castor).

A shower and a cap of plastic.


Remove the skin of the avocado and crush the fruit with a fork to roll it pure.

When you are ready, mix with the oil, until you get a mask homogeneous.

Put the resulting product into damp hair.

Cover the hair with a shower cap or plastic bag. Thus, it penetrates with greater intensity in the hair.

Let the mask act for 20 minutes.

finally, rinse with lukewarm water and with the products that you use on a regular basis.

Repeat this same process once a week if you want to have a hair hydrated, soft and shiny.

homemade Mask of honey and coconut oil

This mask contains fatty acids that are able to eliminate dryness and hair frizz.

in turn, is ideal for the filling of the hair, not only hydrates, but also gives shine and softness.


3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Half a cup of honey.

A cap made of plastic.


Heat the coconut oil for a few seconds, so that the heated oil to penetrate with more intensity in the hair.

When lukewarm, remove from fire and mix with honey.

Apply the resulting compound with a massage on wet hair.

Cover your head with a cap of plastic and leave it to act for 20 minutes.

Wash in warm water with with their products of common use in the process.

Apply this trick of beauty home once per week to get excellent results.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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